Leverage Up for Profits

Gap loans are small loans that fill a money/funding need for real estate investors.

What are gap loans are used for:

  1. Completing a project that has started but not finished
  2. Providing funds for down payment on a new purchase
  3. The funding of all or part of the repairs for a flip or BRRRR property
  4. Funds to secure a project
  5. Funds to carry a projects interest payments until the property is sold

Gap loans are typically second mortgages but can also be first or third lien position.

All gap funding require a mortgage on a property.  The property does not need to be the property the funds will be used for.

Funding a loan can be completed as fast as 1 business day but typically closings are 5 to 10 business days.

We do not require any particular credit score or income verification.

Loans can also be used to pay off credit card balances to increase your overall credit score

To apply for a Gap Loan please follow this link.


If you have any question regarding the gap or any other  loans you can email us at info@thecashflowcompany.com or call us at 303.539.3000.

Looking for more info on gap loans and or other investment loans, check out our Youtube Channel.


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