Hard Money Loans


Hard money loans are loans with a focus on the equity in the property and not as much the income or credit of the borrower.


Even though there may be no minimum credit score the lender will look at your credit.  They want to see a client who does payback the funds they borrow and pays them on time.


Income and history in business is not a hurdle for hard money lenders like with banks or other traditional lending sources


Most hard money loans are for investment properties and not for owner occupied residences.  Hard money lenders are focused on helping real estate investors become successful.


Hard money lenders in the current economic conditions look for loan to values of 70% and below.  With a fix and flip property, the 70% is based on the ARV (after repair value) and not the purchase price.


There is flexibility in hard money loans and most hard money lenders will allow unique properties, cross collateralization of other properties and lend to first time flippers.


You will find most real hard money lenders are local lenders and specific to a state or city.

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Loans that hard money lenders can help with:


  1. Bridge loans. Short term loans to bridge a gap from one property to the next. Or bridge a gap until perm financing can be closed.
  2. Gap funding loans. Short term loans that fill a gap in a project.  This type loan is used for down payments, construction costs, carry costs or a combination of all three.
  3. Fix and flip loans. Loans to purchase and rehab undervalued properties.
  4. 100% BRRRR financing loans. The front end of BRRRR.  Lenders like Hard Money Mike can finance up to 100% of the purchase and rehab.


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