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We provide short term temporary funding for all types of investment properties. These loans come in all shapes and sizes and are called many things including:

Bridge loans and short term loan options

Transactional funding

Wholetail funding


These loans are short term temporary loans that cover a gap such as the time needed to sell a property or to obtain permanent financing.

These investor loans are easier and faster to fund then a bank or traditional lender.  Most closing in less than 2 weeks and some in just days.

Credit is important and the higher the credit score the better the terms.  Typically scores above 640 are required.

Bridge loans are short term loans of 1 to 3 years.

Transactional and wholetail funding are typically 1 day to 3 month loans that typically involve a real estate wholesaler.

Bridge loans have become popular (along with DSCR loans) to refinance fix and flip properties that are not selling as expected.  An investor can place their flip in a bridge loan and pay off their current lender giving them flexibility to sell or rent the property.

Here are a few mays bridge loans have been used:

  • For stabilizing a property to get long term loans
  • To pay off an existing loan like a hard money loan or bank loan.
  • A Bridge loans for apartment revitalization
  • Upgrading commercial properties and using a bridge loan
  • Filling the gap between selling a property and buying a new flip or rental
  • Bridge the gap to finish construction on a property.
  • Bridge the gap until you have seasoned the property for permanent financing.
  • Use a property as collateral to purchase another property that may not be financeable.
  • Transactional funding for short term loans when you have a buyer and need to complete the purchase of a property before you sell it to them.

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Bridge loans and short term loan options.