Leverage Up for Profits


The Cash Flow Company funds most Finish a Project Loan scenarios.


If you have a project that has stalled because of lack of funds and or your current lender has stopped your funding, we can help.  We are a direct private lender who has more flexibility than your large Wall St funding sources.

No matter if you are half done with a build or just need a few dollars to get your property on the market we can help.

All loans must be:

  1. secured by a mortgage on a property
  2. have a loan to value of 75% or less
  3. have a plan to exit/sell the property that makes sense to us
  4. have paid as agreed on their mortgages

Loans can fund fast and are set up in escrow and paid out as work is completed.

These loans can be in first, second or third lien position.

Though a minimum credit score is not required we do check credit to ensure payments are being made.

To apply for a Finish a Project Loan please follow this link.


If you have any question regarding the loan to finish your project or any other  loans you can email us at info@thecashflowcompany.com or call us at 303.539.3000.

Looking for more info on Finish your project loan and or other investment loans, check out our Youtube Channel.


The Cash Flow Company can help you with all your funding needs for real estate investing.  We provide conventional loans, private money loans, DSCR loans and lines of credit. We fund on all types of properties and locations.