Fix and flip loans.


Fix and flip loans are loans for properties purchased as value add (under market value properties) that require repairs to be completed to bring it up to market standards.

We work with 5 capital sources from hedge funds to Wall Street based capital lenders.  All focused on finding you the right fit and the right price for your fix and flip, scrape or ground up build.

Searching for the lowest down payments, the longest terms, the best rates and the most flexible.

Leverage Up for Profits

If you are looking for options and for your lender to work hard to get you the best terms on your next flip you come to the right place.


Typical fix and flip loan terms:

  • Current rates starting in the mid 9’s for clients with at least 3 real estate investment deals in the past 3 years.  With the rapidly increasing rates caused by the Feds increase in rates please check with us for any changes.

  • Payments are interest only and based only on the amount funded.

  • Rates are based on experience, credit score and LTV.


The fix and flip loan process.

  • Complete the application you can find here.

  • We pull credit and offer your terms based on estimated value.

  • Appraisal is ordered and title and insurance are set up for closing.  Assets are verified for closing and docs are prepared.

  • Closing set and wire is sent to title.


These loans can finance most of the purchase and up to 100% of the rehab of the property.


Current loans are typically up to one year in length.  If you are looking for longer terms, we can help with these requirements also.


Typical closing time is 2 weeks based on everyone working together to move the process along.


Just give us a call and we will quickly let you know how we can help.


Loans can also be used for pop tops, scrapes and ground up construction.


All loans must be made to a company and be for investment purposes only.


If you need more aggressive lending, you can check out our hard money options by following this link to

To apply for fix and flip loans please follow this link.


If you have any question regarding the DSCR loans you can email us at or call us at 303.539.3000.


Looking for more info on DSCR loans and or other investment loans, check out our Youtube Channel.