Leverage Up for Profits

Credit card usage loans are small loans that move your personal credit card balances off your personal credit score.

If you are like most investors you use your personal credit cards to keep projects moving along and or business expenses paid. The problem with this is these balances drive down your personal score so you either get denied for a loan for your next project or pay way more than you should.

Real estate investing is a leverage game.  The better the leverage the easier real estate investing becomes.

A large part of underwriting a loan (the leverage) is based on personal credit scores.

Credit scores are heavily impacted on the amount of credit usage you current show on your credit report.

The better the credit score the better your terms (rate and LTV) are for a loan.

Using your credit cards to that show up on your personal score drives own your score…but you need them to keep projects moving.


A usage loan is the cure for this problem.  This private non reporting loan will pay off your credit cards and or other loans that report to your credit report.  With your credit card balances not reporting your score will increase (as long as you don’t negatively affect credit in another way).  As your score increases you will have better leverage/loan options for your next project.

NOTE.  This loan is not to defraud lenders…you must still disclose this loan to all future lenders.

To apply for a Credit Card Usage Loan please follow this link.


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