ARV     = After Repair Value

AFSF    = Above Ground Finished Square Feet

Atty     = Attorney

BPO     = Broker Price Opinion

BKR      = Broker

BNK     = Bank

BRW    = Borrower

CLTC    = Combined Loan to Value

CMA    = Current Market Value (use as BPO)

Comp  = Comparable Sale

CR        = County Road

DSCR   = Debt Service Coverage Ratio

EIN      = Employer Identification Number (Business version of an SSN)

E&O     = Errors and Omissions Insurance

EOI      = Evidence of Insurance

EOM    = End of Month

EOY     = End of Year

I/O       = Interest Only

Int        = Interest

ISAOA  = It’s Successors and/or Assigns

JMT     = Judgement

LTV      = Loan to Value

L/F       = Late Fee

L/O      = Loan Officer

MTG    = Mortgage

MSG    = Message

NMLS  = Nationwide Multistate Licensing System

Orig     = Origination

O&E     = Ownership and Encumbrances (title check to see who owns and who’s owed)

POA     = Power of Attorney (ask title if needed, we have a template if they don’t provide one)

PA        = Purchase Agreement (Sales Contract)

PFS      = Personal Financial Statement

PP        = Purchase Price

PPA      = Partial Payment Arrangement (Monthly stream of payments)

P/O      = Payoff

Pts       = Points

OPM    = Other Peoples Money

SFR      = Single Family Residence

SOW    = Scope of Work

SQ FT   = Square Feet

SPO     = Spouse

SS        = Short Sale

SSA      = Short Sale Agreement

TIN      = Tax ID Number (could be an EIN, SSN Or an ID# for a legal or illegal immigrant to file    their taxes)

TFSF     = Total Finished Square Feet

TSF      = Total Square Feet

VOM    = Verification of Mortgage

VOE     = Verification of Employment

WS       = Wholesale

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