Investor Mortgage Report – Week of April 1, 2024





Fix and flip loans
We will start the week with higher rates but can expect lower rates by the Friday.

Although rates will likely start the week worse, there are lots of opportunities to see rates improve by the end of the week with help from data showing a weakening labor market which could support the Fed cutting rates sooner, say in June.

What’s affecting rates this week:

  • Economic data: There is at least one report each day this week involving jobs and the labor market, which could cause mortgage rates to move day-to-day. Friday brings the most important data, with the highest chance to move rates. Data showing a weakening labor market will help rates, stronger than expected data will hurt rates.
  • The Fed: Mortgage rates won’t improve much unless markets believe the Fed will cut rates soon. Right now, Fed officials have said they aren’t in a hurry to cut rates until they see clear confirmation that inflation is still moving lower. We need signs of softening labor market and weaker economy to create urgency for the Fed to cut rates.

DSCR Loans

Best Rate at 60% LTV:    6.25% to 6.99%

Best Rate at 70% LTV:    6.875% to 7.25%

Best Rate at 80% LTV:    7% to 7.375%

Highest LTV:    85% (purchase + rate and term)

Lowest FICO score:    620

Smallest Loan:    $75,000

Largest Loan:    $20mm (large portfolios)

Vacant Properties:    75%

Short-Term Rentals: 80% (purchase + rate and term)

Best rates are based on 780+ credit score, DSCR above 1.15, loans over $300k and in major cities.  We have 20+ of the best DSCR loan buyers at our fingertips and can help with most clients’ needs.

No Ratio Loans

Highest LTV: 75% (Purchase + rate and term)

No ratio loans are loans that do not require a rental agreement or have negative cash flow.

Conventional Loans

Owner Occupied: 6.625% to 6.75%

Non-Owner Occupied:  Low 7.5%

Conventional loan rates powered by TNS Loans NMLS #1719349 on properties in Colorado.  If you want specific rates, reach out to TNS Loans via email at

Private Loans

Small Loans and Lenders (.5 – 3 Points): 9.5% – 12%

Large Lenders (15% down + 1 point + closing costs): 9.25 – 11%

 Highest LTV 100% of full project up to 72.5% ARV

 Lowest FICO score:   Mid 500’s with good credit last 12 months

 Smallest loan:    $10k


Business Credit Cards

0% for up to 18 months

Options for business 3 months plus in business

Credit usage loans available to increase score to qualify for business credit cards




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Investor Mortgage Report – Week of April 1, 2024