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How Much Money Do You Need for Peer to Peer Lending?

What is peer to peer lending and how much money do you need to get started? Peer to peer lending, also known as other people’s money, is funding that is provided by family, friends, or individuals within the community to help you in your investments. Here at The Cash Flow Company, we have done about a billion dollars over the past 23 years using peer to peer lending. To clarify, the majority of this money is not from family and friends, but instead from others interested in making a good return. Peer to peer lending is an excellent alternative to banks because there is little to nothing that you are required to pay. Let’s take a closer look at this excellent lending option and how it can help you with your financial needs. 

Who makes up the peer to peer lending community?

Peer to peer means that working with other people in the community who have just as big of a need as you do. In fact, these individuals might be in your church or individuals who are in retirement and need some extra income. They might have some money in a 401K, IRA, or extra savings that they would rather lend to you. Whether it’s 6%, 7%, or even 8% secured, it can help you with closing costs, while helping them get a better return on their money. 

Peer to peer is replacing banks.

We all know what is happening out there with affordability. The banks are starting to change their requirements, DSCR is getting into the 9% and 10% range, and fix and flip loans are anywhere between 11% and 13%. This lending squeeze is causing affordability, terms, and credit score requirements to all become tougher as well. Which creates the perfect opportunity to reintroduce peer to peer lending, and is something that has been around since before banking began. Peer to peer lending is taking out the banks and allowing people to begin working with humans again. 

Start the process and do it right.

If you are a good keeper of other people’s money, then it will expand. You have to start the process, do it correctly, and come up with a good package to present to them. What should you include in your package or portfolio? Let’s take a look.

  • What the property looks like
  • Estimate of what the rent will be
  • Include comps and additional research
  • Proper documentation 
  • Your plans for the property (rent or keep)
  • How the investment will be secured

Don’t take the cheapest path.

People try to take the cheap way out by not wanting to pay for the title, or record a deed because it’s going to cost money. The truth is, that all of those things are going to happen if you use a traditional lender. However, banks are going to charge more with higher interest rates. The better you make your peer to peer lender feel on the first few deals, the better the process will be in the future. It is imperative that you treat them like a real lender so that everything is official and secure. If it is done correctly, it will build a bridge that may bring more friends later on. Just to clarify, more friends does not mean adding more people onto a single note. Instead, these additional peer to peer lenders can be used separately for future investment opportunities. 

Something for everyone.

Every investor or business owner should look into peer to peer lending. Even if it is just for a down payment, fix up cost, or any other expense in the real estate world. Businesses could also benefit from peer to peer lending for start up costs or unexpected business expenses. It doesn’t have to be $500K, but it could be! With lending becoming tighter, banks could require an additional 10%. In that case, where would you go for the additional money? The answer is peer to peer! There are all kinds of people out there with pockets full of money. You just need to find one that has what you are needing.

Make the move today!

Peer to peer lending is an excellent alternative to banks for both investors and business owners! In many instances, there is little to nothing that you are required to pay in order to utilize these funds. If you want to find out more about peer to peer lending and how to get started reach out to us

We want to make sure that this market grows and that we get rid of some of the lenders and bankers out there. This will result in more money going into peoples accounts! The better it grows, the bigger it grows, and the more options people will have for their future. Ultimately our goal is to make it a win-win for both peer to peer borrowers and peer to peer lenders. 

Contact us today to find out more about the lowest risk lending option with the best return! 

Watch our most recent video explaining What is Peer to Peer Lending and Why You Need It

We have created an excellent resource site for you to discover more about peer to peer lending. This information can be found at www.TheNoteShop.com.

How to Buy a Property with ZERO Money Down

Is investing in Real Estate with Zero Down for real?

No money to put down on your first investment?

Use these 3 tips to get started.

You don’t have enough savings. After all, flipping is how you want to start making money, right? And you want to begin that real estate investment journey now.

But if you don’t have the money to begin with… how are you even supposed to start?

We see people do it every day. Here are the 3 main ways people have made successful real estate careers with zero money down.


How to Buy a Property with ZERO Money Down

  1. Get a HELOC

    If you already own a house, the first tactic you should use to get money for real estate is to get a HELOC.

    HELOC stands for “home equity line of credit.” It’s basically a second mortgage that works like a line of credit that you can use and pay off over and over again. You’re able to use it for multiple properties.

    You could get a HELOC from credit unions or banks. We usually send our clients to credit unions because they tend to have better options for HELOCs. A credit union will likely give you:

    • A longer term
    • Fixed rates
    • A little more money

    If you already own a home, go to a local credit union and ask them about a HELOC first.

  2. Start a Partnership

    But what if you don’t have a house, so you can’t get a HELOC? A partnership might be your next best option. There are two routes you can go.

    Family or Friends

    You can ask a family member or friend to be a money partner. They can provide you with the cash to use for a property’s down payment, or for the repairs of your flip.

    The close and personal aspect of partnering with someone you know can be the best option for some people. In other cases, it’s nice to partner with a person or entity who’s not so personal.

    Outside Partner

    You could also look for an outside partner.

    For example, Hard Money Mike partners with people who find good deals but don’t have the money to make that first purchase. We help them finance the whole amount so they can get into their first two or three deals. After letting us help fund their first three deals, most people come out with enough money to do their own down payment and repair costs on their next property, with no partner.

    Beginning investors can make their business independent quickly when they seek out the right partner to get them started.

  3. Use a credit card (Investing in Real Estate with Zero Down)

    Many people hesitate to use a credit card to fund their investments – for good reason. But when done right, a 0% credit card can be the simplest way to start investing with no money down.

    What are the wrong ways to use a credit card for a fix-and-flip?

    • Getting a credit card with a high APR.
    • Using the card to go out and have fun.
    • Not paying back the charges you put on the card.

    If you’re smart, it can be easy to use a credit card the right way. Start with a 0% APR card. Understand that it’s a tool for your business, so treat it that way. Only use the card for repairs, contractors, and other costs associated with your flip.

    Take out the money, sell the property, then clear the card back to zero before moving onto your next project. Don’t let the debt accumulate. Don’t keep a balance from deal to deal. This is where credit card use falls through for most investors. They don’t use the money from the sale to fully pay off the card, and it gets out of hand fast.

    But if you do it right, a credit card works as a great way to help beginners get the funds needed to start in real estate.

What Are Other Ways to Investing in Real Estate with Zero Down?

Clients come to us wanting to get into real estate but think they need money in the bank. That’s not always the case.

Here are the 3 key ways we see people start their investments with no money:

  1. If you already have a mortgage, get a HELOC.
  2. Start with money from family, a friend, or an outside partner.
  3. Use a 0% credit card to fund the costs of your investment.

These aren’t the only ways we’ve seen people succeed with a new real estate career.

Find out more on how to leverage up your real estate investments on our Youtube channel.

The Cash Flow Company can help you with all real estate investor loans.

We also can help you find and set up real private money from those around your area.

We scour 100’s of loan programs across the country every month locating the best investor friendly loans.

Investing in Real Estate with Zero Down