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Your credit score is powerful. But bad credit scores can take you from making it big to losing a lot of money.

Especially in the real estate industry, credit scores play a huge role in the success of your investing. We see many investors (especially ones who are new to the game) struggle with some common issues:

  • Forgetting to pay bills on time
  • Overusing credit cards
  • Not using enough credit

Cultivating and maintaining a healthy score is a fine balance between creating debt and paying bills.

What Can I Do About Bad Credit Scores?

This is where companies like us or Hard Money Mike come in.

If your score has dropped because of late payments, the best way to fix that is simply time. However, if it’s low from over-usage, you have some options!

Usage Loans

So long as you are paying your bills on time and have a small amount of debt that keeps your credit score active, you can fairly easily raise your credit score with a usage loan.

We offer emergency usage loans here at The Cash Flow Company to raise your score FAST.</span>

Business Credit Cards

If you’re using personal credit cards for business-level investing, it’s time to re-evaluate. 

Real estate investing simply requires more usage than personal credit cards are designed to reward. Business cards, on the other hand, typically like higher usage.

If this is new to you, we have many resources to help you find the right business card for you.


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