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Why real estate investors need to understand escrow?

Real estate investors need to understand escrow for their business to be successful. Escrow is a portion of the loan that a lending company puts aside for repairs on the property. As a real estate investor, you need to understand the rules and regulations of the lender in regards of Escrow, in order to save both time and money.  When investors understand escrow, and what they are responsible for, it can ease their frustration, prevent a finance wall, and establish a foundation for cash flow.

1.Understand the rules of escrow

As a real estate investor, you need to understand escrow by researching the rules and regulations for your lender. Any misunderstandings can very easily stall or even jeopardize a project. Investors also need to construct their budget beforehand, to ensure that they stay within it during the process. There is no flexibility after the amount is approved by the lender. Without the ability to expand the Escrow, any additional expenses will come out of your pocket instead.  

2.Begin repairs to receive escrow

Lenders allocate a set amount to not only purchase a property, but also to fix it up in order to get it market ready. The only way to access Escrow funds when buying a fix and flip, or an undervalued rental property, is to submit proof. These can be in the form of receipts, photos, and other documentation sent to your lender to show that repairs are underway. 

3. Optimize profits by using escrow correctly

When real estate investors understand escrow, they can optimize profits and avoid missing the market when it’s “hot.” This is achieved by taking into account all repair costs, having the money set aside to complete repairs, and completing the work quickly. Remember the longer you’re on hold, the more it will cost you, plus it will delay paying contractors. By understanding the importance of cost and timeline, it will result in a larger profit. 

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