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What Are YOUR Funding Options: The Power of Fix and Flip Loans

What Are YOUR Funding Options: The Power of Fix and Flip Loans

When you enter the world of fixer uppers and other value-add properties, you’ll need good funding options. Otherwise, your positive cash flow might take a hard hit.

So, what’s one of the things you can do to prepare for battle—er, your real estate investment?

Easy! Take a few seconds to learn about your loan options. And if you’re going to tackle a fix and flip, then you’ll want a fix and flip loan (aka, a hard money loan).

Now, contrary to belief, these types of loans will help boost your cash flow and profits.

Yes, boost. Not obliterate!

So, what is a fix and flip loan? Well, here are 3 keys facts.

Fix and flip loans are:

  1. A special type of loan usually secured by a real asset—aka, real estate. The money for these loans is typically provided by private investors or companies.
  2. Paid off fast! Unlike normal bank loans (that are paid off over 15-30 years), fix and flip loans are meant to be short-term. Like, 3 to 9 months. You can pay them off quicker or slower, but this is the typical range.
  3. Perfect for real estate investors who want to buy properties FAST. Fix and flip loans usually close in days, not weeks. They’re ideal for buying discounted properties (non-MLS)s. Think wholesalers and other under-market deals.

Basically, fix and flips loans are here to save the day when you need funding FAST for a project that’s going to make you a lot of money.

So, what are you waiting for? When you’re looking for good funding options, we’re here to help guide you. Because we’re eager to set you on a path that helps you make the kind of money you need to live the life you want!

Happy investing!


Some serious added curb appeal was only the beginning for this Colorado flip.

Better than As-Seen-on-TV

How’s this for a Fixer Upper? Come with us as we explore some impressive investor before-and-afters from right here in Colorado!
This impressive flipper was able to transform this dated, worn-out property in less than two months! From dump to gem, and from purchase to under contract in less than two months!

We know which kitchen we’d rather be cooking quarantine meals in…

Yes, even in this crazy COVID-lockdown world, homes are getting updated and sold in record time. Rates are extremely low, and smart investors who have figured out how to work around the banks are taking advantage.

New and improved backyard oasis.

From scary and dark, to light, bright and inviting entryway.

From dark and dank to spa-level luxury in the bathroom.

Love how the flippers are making neighborhoods better one house at a time.
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