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Real Estate Deal: Why Did My Bank Say No?

Are you trying to close a real estate deal, but your funding was rejected? Are you wondering, “Why did my bank say no?”

Well, you’re not alone. Many real estate investors always been told: Find a bank and create a relationship with them. If you do, then life (and loans) will be easy.

So, why, after building these so-called relationships do banks still say no every time you apply for a real estate loan?

How many of us have been in this situation? Well, probably most of us.

But, why?

The reason most banks say no is because they only have 1-2 options for real estate investors. At best! And, wait for it, you probably don’t currently fit in their tiny, little boxes.

The truth is, banks carry very limited options for real estate investors.

Banks have many loans coming in their door. Too many. That means they can cherry pick. If it doesn’t fit in their itty-bitty box, they can just tell you, “No.”

So, you probably won’t fit in most banks’ small, strict, picky boxes if you:

  • Are a new investor.
  • Like to write everything off on your tax returns legally.
  • Want to refinance before you own a property for an entire year.

We’re talking about 97% of banks.

Even worse, banks won’t want to refer you to someone who can say yes. Because then you’d start asking too many questions on why they can’t give you a loan. Banks might not want your real estate investment loan, but they definitely want to keep your deposits and bank accounts.

The inside secret here is you need to call a lot of banks until you find one that’s still lending to investors and has a loan for you.

But be warned!

No bank will agree to close a real estate loan for you if your income doesn’t fit inside that tiny, little box of theirs.

You also always need tax returns with banks, and they need to be the type of tax returns where you can’t write everything off. And here’s the kicker of it all: You might find a bank that works for you, but then they decide to stop lending to investors. It just happened here in Colorado. One of the top investor banks just stopped lending.

So, when banks say no to you, understand that this is their usual response. You always have to remember they have limited products and limited amount of funds to lend out.

But don’t get discouraged!

Just look for a lender who focuses on real estate investors and offers options.

Because, really, there are HUNDREDS of options for investors. Options for:

Options and strategies will always accelerate you faster than trying to change your circumstances to fit all those small, itty-bitty boxes of banks.

That’s why we focus on investors, offer hundreds of options, and develop personal strategies to help you multiply your cash flow.

Ready to chat about your next value-add property’s funding? Our team is here to help!

Happy investing!