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There really is a secret to 10x your net worth and cash flow…

The true “secret” to generational wealth is buying at the right time, then… letting the market take care of itself.

Let’s map out the possibilities if you buy properties while interest is high and prices low, then wait.

Past Client Success 10x-ing Net Worth

Back in 2010, we helped two families who were particularly successful buy 10 properties each using the BRRRR method.

After 12 years, each of the properties they purchased in 2010 either tripled or quadrupled in value. The rents tripled.

This worked because they bought smart and played the waiting game. They purchased with high rates and low prices, then refinanced once the rates flipped low and values high.

Your Future Success with 10x Net Worth

Let’s say you buy 10 properties in 2023 while rates are high and prices low. Then you hold until the market flips for you – low rates and high values.

You can capture $90k-$100k in equity when the market flips back. Ten properties would add almost $1 million to your net worth.

When you add an extra $500/month in cash flow through a well-timed refinance, that makes for an extra $6,000 in your pocket per year. Multiplied by 10 properties? $60k/year.

All this – just for buying when no one else is buying. Buying when rates are high, values are low, and letting the market correct itself. 

Your Plan to Buy Real Estate in 2023

Buying low with high interest rates, waiting, and pulling in the generational wealth. It’s possible with real estate in 2023.

Want to build a game plan for kickstarting your generational wealth next year? Have a deal now you want us to run the numbers on? Send us an email at Info@TheCashFlowCompany.com.

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