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Real Estate Investing: Leverage Explained

Today we are going to discuss the importance that leverage has in real estate investing. Here at The Cash Flow Company, we see success from the money side because money is the key factor in real estate. The foundation of this business is leverage in order to build portfolios. Learn how it can play a vital role in your investments as well as provide opportunities that accelerate your success. Let’s take a closer look!

The importance of leverage.

Whether there are two properties or 10 properties, it is important to create more leverage over someone else. How can investors take care of their leverage on certain properties or on their portfolio? This can be accomplished by picking one property and focusing on paying it down quickly. In doing so, it will free up the equity in that property, and will provide you with more opportunities as well. 

Let’s look at the numbers!

5 properties

Each  Total for 5 properties
Property Value  $200K $1,000,000
LTV (loan to value) 75% $150K $750K
Equity  $50K $250K

In the world of leverage, an LTV of 75% unfortunately does not free up any equity. This is due to the fact that investors are paying down each property equally as opposed to paying a little more towards a single property. For example, if there was a deal available for $150K, you would not have enough equity available to purchase the property. Just to clarify, lenders will not lend over 75% on an investment property. How can you set yourself up for success while using the equity in your properties? The answer is by focusing on paying one property down faster. In doing so, you will in turn free up the equity Remember, those who will accelerate in this business are those who create financial flexibility. 

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Listing price has an impact on appraisals. You have power. Use it wisely.

The appraisal of a property decides the details of its refinance. Appraised value is an especially important detail if you have a fix-and-flip you need to turn into a rental.

Here’s what you need to know about how your flip’s listing price impacts its life as a rental.

What Is the Impact of Appraisals?

If you expect to keep a flipped property, stop dropping the listing price NOW. Otherwise, it will impact the value of your home (and your LTV when you go to refinance).

The appraiser has certain guidelines they have to follow while determining the value of your home.

First of all, they have to go by whatever the current market conditions are. What are like-properties selling for in your market?

It doesn’t matter what properties sold for 3-6 months ago in the same place – they look at current conditions.

Your Price Changes the Appraisal

From the appraiser’s perspective, your price keeps dropping because the house won’t sell there. If the house won’t sell at a price, then it’s not worth that value.

If you dropped the price by $30,000, then $40,000, then $50,000, and it still hasn’t sold… the appraiser can’t give you the original value. In fact, they can’t even use your last list price. It’s clear the house didn’t sell for that much, so it must not be worth that much right now. Typically, your appraisal will come in between 1-10% lower than your last listing price.

The impact of appraisals is huge. Everything in a refinance hinges on it. If the appraisal is too low, you’ll get a low LTV. With a low LTV, your rates will be high. If your rates are too high, you’ll have negative cash flow. Your loan options can get totally squashed – all because of a lower list price.

Stop dropping the price if you may want to refinance before selling.

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