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Most lenders won’t fund low loans for small town real estate. We do.

It’s tough to find a lender who will lend in a rural area. It can also be a struggle to get a real estate loan for lower than $75,000.

When you find a great small town real estate loan for under $75k? Double whammy.

But for the last 23 years, we’ve helped thousands and thousands of investors fund billions of dollars – and one of our specialties is small loans just like this.

Funding Small Town Loans

We help a lot of clients with small town real estate, whether they’re from those communities or just investing there. A lot of properties in these areas are available for less than $75k, so other lenders aren’t interested in funding them.

Just last month, we funded 3 properties like this. The number for each of them broke down like this:

  • Purchase: <$40,000
  • Rehab: ~$20,000
  • All-in: <$60,000
  • ARV: $100,000 – $110,000

There is a lot of money to be made on these properties, yet most lenders wouldn’t fund a deal like this.

We don’t care if a property is rural or agricultural. If the numbers make sense, our loan can be secured on a property, and there’s money to be made for you… Then we’d love to help you with small town real estate loans.

Getting a Loan for Small Town Real Estate

Have any questions about how these small loans work? Need a smaller loan like this? Reach out at Info@TheCashFlowCompany.com, and we’d love to see how we could help.

We offer real estate investing loans in Colorado, Oklahoma, Florida, parts of Texas, and other parts of the Midwest.

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