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Why You Need Hedge Funds and OPM


Here’s how to use both hedge funds and OPM to maximize your cash flow.

Hedge funds and OPM are forms of real estate leverage that can be overlooked by newer investors. These funding sources can fill in the blanks left by hard money and banks.

Here’s an overview of why hedge funds and OPM should be a part of your lender circle.

Hedge Funds

You might find yourself in need of a lender who is more flexible than banks, but still has an “unlimited” cash supply. In that case, hedge funds will have the right leverage for you.

We also call hedge funds “capital funds” or “private equity.” These are firms that can fund real estate investments across multiple states, have a lot of money available for both flip loans and DSCRs.

A problem with banks is they’re limited to one state or region. A problem with hard money and OPM is that funds can run dry. Hedge funds solve those problems.

Keep hedge funds in your portfolio to have a lender who can handle every deal. They can grow with you as you move across state lines and take your investment career to the next level.

Real OPM

OPM stands for other people’s money. It comes from a real person you know (who’s sitting on a lot of cash!). They want to put their money somewhere secure that’ll give them a better rate than a bank… So they loan it to you.

You can give your OPM lender a rate of 5-6% back. For you, this beats the 9-12% rates of hedge funds or hard money. For your lender, this beats the 1-2% rate they’d get from a CD or savings account.

OPM can fill in the gaps of any project. It could cover down payment or construction costs, or potentially fund entire properties.

With reliable OPM, you have access to the speed of hard money, the low cost of a bank loan, and the flexibility of a hedge fund.

The main drawback of OPM is simple: it can run out.

Hedge Funds and OPM

Hedge funds give a steady stream of money that can help advance your real estate career. OPM is the quiet hero that has you covered for cheap, fast, and easy money… But it won’t last forever. Having both of these forms of leverage at your disposal will make you a better investor than just hard money and banks alone.

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How to Retire: Retirement Scares Me

How to Retire: Retirement Scares Me

Retirement is just around the corner. It’s tiptoeing closer and closer…But, you’re not ready.

And that TERRIFIES you.

Because the stock market is constantly up and down, banks aren’t paying much if anything, and retirement accounts like PERA are questionable.

So, what can you do to prepare for retirement? Because whether you like it or not, it’s creeping towards you.

Well, one of the best and most secure strategies is private lending.

How to Retire: Retirement Scares Me

There are thousands of fix and flippers, landlords, and other real estate investors who can’t get a traditional loan through a bank. So, they turn to private lenders.

Someone like you. Someone who has a chunk of money they’d like to safely invest so they can boost their income…and their retirement savings.

So, how exactly do you make money in private lending? Well, it’s pretty easy, actually.

Step 1

Find a trustworthy real estate investor who needs cash to buy a fixer upper.

Step 2

Create a private note that includes the interest rate for your loan. Rates vary in private lending, so it’s your decision on how much you charge.  And how much you charge depends on how much you trust your borrower.

Step 3

Collect interest payments and boost your retirement savings.

That’s the basic gist. And if you’d rather have someone else find trustworthy real estate investors, create your note, and oversee the life of the loan, then you can use a licensed and experienced company like ours to help you handle it.

Here’s the thing. Since the beginning of time, people have needed money. And they’ve always needed to borrow it from someone. Why not you?

Don’t let retirement scare you. Take control now and start investing your money in a way that will help you face retirement…and face it with confidence.

Ready to talk about investing your money in real estate? Great! Our team is always here to chat.

Happy investing!

Private Lender: How to Invest in Real Estate without Flipping or Renting

Private Lender: How to Invest in Real Estate without Flipping or Renting

Did you know you can be a private lender?

That’s right. And today we’re going to show you how to invest in real estate without resorting to fixing and flipping or fixing and renting.

It’s true. Everyone can put their money to work, even if they don’t want to put their muscles to work. If you want, you can skip the hammers, ladders, and paint. No need to groan over dust-covered floors, clothes, and, well, everything. And forget about stressing over contractors and delayed projects.

You can invest in real estate without ever stepping foot inside a property.

How to Invest in Real Estate Without Flipping or Renting

How is this possible?

Well, it’s fairly easy.

Rather than rolling up your sleeves and searching, buying, fixing, and selling/renting properties, you can become a private lender.

What does being a private lender mean?

Simply put, you become a bank for fix and flippers or rental owners. Rather than these real estate investors going to a “real” bank or traditional lender, they come to you for money.

And you get to charge them interest for using your money.

Interest rates vary in private lending, but one thing is for sure. You’ll earn WAY more interest in real estate than in your bank account. Because banks pay far less interest than real estate investors.

Private Lender

Now, there are a couple of ways to become a private lender.

The Easy Way

The easiest way to get started is through companies like our sister company, The Note Shop. We connect private lenders with real estate investors (aka, fix and flippers and rental owners).

When you use a company like ours, you don’t need to:

  • Search for fix and flippers/rental owners that need funding.
  • Interview flippers/rental owners to determine how much you can trust them with your money.
  • Review real estate portfolios. Again, to establish trust. How much experience does this real estate investor have? What’s the quality of their work?
  • Analyze properties to make sure they’re worth the investment.
  • Prepare loan documents, like deeds of trust and mortgages.
  • Handle escrow draws.
  • Oversee the life of the loan, including all payments, extensions, and modifications.

You can skip ALL of that, and let our team do the work for you. That means we handle the entire list above.

Not you.

All you have to do is wait for a call or email from our team to inform you there’s a loan available. If you’re happy with it, then you just have to head to your bank and send a wire to a licensed and trusted title company (First American, Old Republic, Fidelity, etc.).

And then watch the plump interest payments hit your bank account every month.

It’s simple, it’s lucrative, and it’s way easier than fixing or renting a property yourself. Let someone else do the work, right?

Do It Yourself

Now, if you’re experienced and confident in private lending, then you can work directly with real estate investors. This is best known in the business as OPM (Other People’s Money).

We actually encourage our flipper and rental clients to seek out OPM as a funding option because it’s really the cheapest path to buying properties. Because they don’t have to pay a traditional lender multiple fees and points. Instead, they can focus on interest-only loans.

How much interest should you charge? Well, that’s really up to you and your client. When you’re in the driver’s seat, you get decide how big of a risk you’d like to take with your money. And that risk is based trust.

Do you trust them to:

  1. Pay you back?
  2. Buy, fix, and flip a property within your agreed upon timeline? (Or refinance into a traditional loan so you can invest your money elsewhere?)
  3. Sell or rent a property for what they claim it’s worth after they repair it?

In addition to trust, you also need to be willing to tackle the entire to-do list we mentioned above (evaluating investors and deals, preparing documents, overseeing the loan, etc.). This is completely doable! But, again, it comes down to how much risk and work you want to take on.

If you want to make the most money possible while doing the least amount of work, then relying on The Note Shop or a similar company to help you is perfect.

So, there you have it! You can invest in real estate without picking up a hammer or worrying about a bad contractor.

Believe us when we say, private lending is easy, lucrative, and EASY!

Do you want to talk about investing your money in real estate without breaking a sweat? Good! Our team is always here to chat.

Happy investing!