Peer to Peer Lending: How to Win Big in Real Estate Investing


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Peer to Peer Lending: How to Win Big in Real Estate Investing

How can you win big in real estate investing? The answer is peer to peer lending or other people’s money. Throughout the past 12 years we have done business with a lot of people using OPM, also known as other people’s money. What is other people’s money? It is finding people within the community who have money that they want to invest. In using this form of leverage, it not only provides the funding you need, but it also gives the peer lender a better return on their money as well. Let’s take a closer look to see if OPM can help you win big in real estate investing!

Don’t let financing restrictions keep you down!

Over the past few years the Fed has been tightening things up, causing the lending pools to shrink. This is where OPM can help real estate investors. It can provide the funding they need without having to navigate the bank’s restrictions and increasing requirements. Just to clarify, OPM and peer to peer lending have been around since before banks were established. By going back to the basics you can get the funding you need to win big in the long run!

OPM can benefit everyone! 

Within our community, there are a ton of people who are looking to do something better with their money. Nowadays neither the stock market or banks are providing good returns on investments. By becoming an OPM lender or a peer lender, you have the opportunity to get 10% back on your investment as opposed to 5% from traditional methods. Real estate investors also benefit because they can not only fill their liquidity buckets for current projects, but future investments as well.

Follow the golden rule to succeed in this game!

It is important that you follow the golden rule when working with OPM lenders. The relationship can either be a positive one or a negative one depending on how prepared and honest you are. Real estate investors need to have everything set up correctly, ensure the deal is secure, and most importantly form an honest relationship with their OPM lender. In doing so, real estate investors will set themselves up for success.

What can OPM be used for?

Other people’s money or peer to peer lending can be used for anything and everything! Whether it’s for a down payment, fix up costs, or just setting money aside for a rainy day, there is something for everyone. As long as you set everything up correctly, this form of lending provides an easy and low risk option for not only the investor, but the peer lender as well. Whether it’s a portion of a project or an entire purchase, OPM provides the flexibility real estate investors need.

Now is the time to set yourself up to win! 

Peer to peer lending has something for everyone! This low risk option provides the flexibility you need to win in real estate investing. With confidence and a secured deal, the sky’s the limit to your success. Here at The Cash Flow Company we strive to help investors reach their investing goals. Contact us today to find out more about other people’s money and how you can get on the fast track to success.

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