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Why You Need Hedge Funds and OPM


Here’s how to use both hedge funds and OPM to maximize your cash flow.

Hedge funds and OPM are forms of real estate leverage that can be overlooked by newer investors. These funding sources can fill in the blanks left by hard money and banks.

Here’s an overview of why hedge funds and OPM should be a part of your lender circle.

Hedge Funds

You might find yourself in need of a lender who is more flexible than banks, but still has an “unlimited” cash supply. In that case, hedge funds will have the right leverage for you.

We also call hedge funds “capital funds” or “private equity.” These are firms that can fund real estate investments across multiple states, have a lot of money available for both flip loans and DSCRs.

A problem with banks is they’re limited to one state or region. A problem with hard money and OPM is that funds can run dry. Hedge funds solve those problems.

Keep hedge funds in your portfolio to have a lender who can handle every deal. They can grow with you as you move across state lines and take your investment career to the next level.

Real OPM

OPM stands for other people’s money. It comes from a real person you know (who’s sitting on a lot of cash!). They want to put their money somewhere secure that’ll give them a better rate than a bank… So they loan it to you.

You can give your OPM lender a rate of 5-6% back. For you, this beats the 9-12% rates of hedge funds or hard money. For your lender, this beats the 1-2% rate they’d get from a CD or savings account.

OPM can fill in the gaps of any project. It could cover down payment or construction costs, or potentially fund entire properties.

With reliable OPM, you have access to the speed of hard money, the low cost of a bank loan, and the flexibility of a hedge fund.

The main drawback of OPM is simple: it can run out.

Hedge Funds and OPM

Hedge funds give a steady stream of money that can help advance your real estate career. OPM is the quiet hero that has you covered for cheap, fast, and easy money… But it won’t last forever. Having both of these forms of leverage at your disposal will make you a better investor than just hard money and banks alone.

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How to Refinance with Real OPM


What are the advantages to refinance with Real OPM?

Refinancing can get you out of some rough situations with your fix-and-flips in this market.

While there are many loan products you can shop for to save your flip, good ol’ OPM (Other People’s Money) can be the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to refinance.

Let’s look at why you might need to refinance your flip and why you should try to refinance with real OPM.

Why Should You Refinance a Fix-and-Flip?

The most important thing about this market is that you use it to your advantage to prepare for the next market.

We anticipate that over the next 12 months:

  • The Fed is going to continue raising rates.
  • The economy will soften.
  • There will be great real estate deals like we haven’t seen in years.

You want to make sure you’re money-ready for those opportunities. You don’t want properties sitting on the market, taking up your time and energy, and tying up your funds.

So when you have a house that just won’t sell… What are you supposed to do?

Of course, there are traditional refinance methods. You can go to a bank and get a Fannie or Freddie non-conforming loan. But these loans need you to fit into a pretty small box. What if you own too many properties? Or you need your refinance loan fast? What if you don’t fit in the box?

That’s where refinancing with real OPM can come in handy.

Refinance with Real OPM

When it comes to real estate investment funding, OPM is almost always the best choice.

OPM is Other People’s Money. You match up with a real person you know who has money. These are usually retired people, or people nearing retirement.

Inflation is hitting them as bad as it’s hitting you. If they have a lot of cash, they probably want to put it somewhere more stable than stocks and with a better return than a bank account.

If you can offer these people a 5% to 7% return, then they may be willing to become your lender. OPM isn’t as concerned about typical loan qualification requirements. OPM done right is a win-win for both parties.

Overall, the fastest, easiest, cheapest way out of a fix-and-flip that’s stuck on the market is to refinance with real OPM. This form of lending is what you need most now. Prioritize finding these lenders.

What Are Your Next Steps to Refinance Out of a Fix-and-Flip?

If you have a flip that’s in trouble, let us know. We fund some loans ourselves, and we scour the nation looking for all the best loan products available. Let’s find the best debt for your position.

Send your questions to Info@TheCashFlowCompany.com. We’re happy to look at your loan, and if we can’t help you, we probably know someone who can.

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Real OPM Benefits


How can Real OPM benefit your real estate investments? Real OPM Benefits!

Here are the basics to get you started.

OPM. Other People’s REAL Money.

Not money from a broker or mortgage company or hard money lender. Money from real people to fund your flips and make your investments faster, easier, and more profitable.

Real OPM Benefits vs Private Money

What’s the difference between private money and Other People’s Money? Aren’t they the same thing? Yes and no. They’re related, but there are a few key differences.

Private money is often called “hard money.” It involves going through a broker or a company like Hard Money Mike that lends you private money.

OPM does the same thing, but it’s strictly peer-to-peer, person-to-person. It is private money because it’s a loan outside of a bank. It’s not hard money because you’re not going through a formal company or filling out applications.

What is Real OPM?

OPM is simple: one person has money and needs a smart place to put it, and one person has a promising property investment but no money to put into it. They form a peer-to-peer transaction.

Both people have the chance to benefit more than they would if they went through a bank. The person with the money gets a simple investment with typically a much higher return than the banks would pay. And the person who needs the money can get it cheaper, faster, and keep it more fluid. Both can end up more profitable and successful.

Taking the OPM route may feel non-traditional from a modern perspective, but historically, it’s the way things have always gotten done. One person has something, another person needs it, so they create a deal where they both benefit.

The Flipper’s Perspective

If you’re the flipper and you have an established relationship using OPM, funding purchases becomes simple. You find a property, and all you need to do is contact your OPM lender and give them details.

“I found a great property, but I need $100,000. We close in a week. Here’s the title company’s information. Please send the money, and we’ll get this taken care of.”

No applications, no appraisals, no middleman. It’s an easier way to borrow money, and usually less expensive than more traditional loans.

The Lender’s Perspective

If you’re the one with the money, you’re probably already looking for a smart place to put it.

Loaning the money to a flipper or other real estate investor will typically give you a better interest rate than a bond, CD, or other interaction with a bank.

How to Make It Work

It’s extremely important that OPM deals are set up to be win-win for both sides. The main reason people avoid OPM is the fear of deals going bad. This system breaks down if one side or the other feels the deal becomes unfair or unsafe.

Let’s talk about how to create a win-win environment.

Priorities for Each Side

Each party has to keep the other party’s interests in mind.

For the flipper, OPM needs to be easy, reliable, and quick. The flipper’s responsibility is to make a good and profitable deal with the other person’s money. If you do that, your OPM lender will always be there to help with your next deal. However, the second you “play games” with their money, the relationship ends, and you lose that source of fast, simple funding.

For the OPM lender, deals need to be secure and detailed. As long as their money is taken seriously, they will be there for the flipper. If you’re the OPM lender, you have to always fund a deal when you’ve agreed to. Don’t leave the flipper high and dry at the closing table.

Setting Up a Proper Real OPM Benefit Relationship

Using OPM may “feel” more casual, but it’s absolutely vital that you get everything in writing. Visit a lawyer, and lay out all aspects of the deal. Everyone will come out more successful if you’re diligent with this step.

Some of the things you’ll want to set up in writing are the following:

  • What is the repayment schedule?
  • What are the interest rates?
  • How long is the loan?
  • What’s the plan with the property?

The clearer, more open, and more detailed you can be with each other, the better the deal and your relationship will be.

The goal is for OPM to be mutually advantageous. People who have money want to find deals that will earn them interest. Flippers need money that flows better and is faster to qualify for. OPM is valuable, so take the time to set it up right.

Want More Details on Setting Up OPM?

Hard Money Mike doesn’t need to be involved with your OPM deals to offer help. We have resources to help you learn how to best set up OPM deals:

  • What should closing look like?
  • What are proper terms?
  • What documents will you need?

We want to keep things flowing in the real estate community.

Find out more on how to leverage up your real estate investments on our Youtube channel.

The Cash Flow Company can help you with private loans and all real estate investor loans.

We also can help you find and set up real private money from those around your area.

We scour 100’s of loan programs across the country every month locating the best investor friendly loans.

Real OPM Benefits

Real OPM Benefits