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#1 Mistake Made by Small Businesses and Real Estate Investors

What is the #1 mistake made by small business and real estate investors? The answer is not applying for and using business credit cards for business expenses. They are the most important thing and the simplest thing that all investors can do for both their business, as well as their personal lives. While personal credit cards are easy to use, it makes life more complicated as you get into investing.  It doesn’t matter if you are doing flips or rentals, you need to make the switch today!

We Want To Help You!

Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for business owners to succeed. Real estate investing is reliant on leverage or funding for growth and generational wealth. We just want to make the process easier for you. 

Stop Using Personal Credit Cards. 

70% to 80% of people we see are using personal credit cards for business expenses. By putting business charges on your personal credit, it drives down your credit score and makes everything harder. Personal credit cards are used to complete repairs, as well as to grow your business. However, using them on a regular basis will drive down your credit score quickly. This problem even affects investors who are applying for loans. They are either being denied, or required to put more money down because of their credit score.

Where Do You Start?

One of the easiest things to do is to stop using personal credit cards and instead get into simple business credit cards. The best part about business credit cards is that they don’t impact your credit scores. We are talking about the same credit cards you use now, the only difference is that they are in your business name. In making this simple switch, it then allows you to take your business expenses and transfer them onto your business credit card. This not only removes those charges from your credit report, but it also gives you peace of mind that your business expenses will no longer affect your DTI. In the end, the better the credit score, the better the funding you can get to create wealth.

Increase Your Credit Score Quickly.

Here at the Cash Flow Company, we provide a usage loan or 911 loan that will help get your credit score back on track. We use a private non-reporting loan to pay off or down your credit card balances.  With little or no balances showing up on your credit report the next time your credit card cycles, your score increases.  With usage counting for 30% of your score, this will have a huge impact on your new score. We receive calls daily from people who say that they need to increase their score 18 to 20 points. These investors are charged an additional 10% to 20% down, or even being denied loans because of their score. To be clear, this loan is for those who have high balances but don’t have late payments. Is a usage loan right for you? Give us a call today to find out more. 

Open A Business Credit Card Today!

Everyone has credit cards and uses them on a regular basis, so why not make the switch over to business credit cards? Unfortunately, investors ht a detour and go down the path of applying for corporate credit. This is a tiered system that can take months or even years to build. Business credit cards on the other hand can be applied for right away. If you have really good credit and you’re starting a business, then you can get a business credit card right now. Chase, American Express, for example, will give you somewhere to start, as long as you are set up and running like a real business. The more you use the business credit cards, the greater your available credit, and the more benefits you will receive. This includes Southwest, United, Marriott, and so much more. 

Make The Change Today And Succeed Tomorrow!

Both credit scores and leverage are important to create wealth. We want to make sure you do it right! If you have a real business and operate as a real business, then you need to apply for business credit cards today! Investors are hesitant when they are approved for a few thousand to get started. However, when lenders see that you’re using it and paying it down in chunks, they will quickly raise your limits.It may take 2 to 6 months to move everything over, it just depends on where you’re at. Making the change now will make your life so much easier as you grow your business.

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Do you have more questions about setting your business correctly? Do you need additional information about raising your credit scores? Contact us today!


Making your real estate business plan Easy, Lucrative, Fun, and FAST is a critical component to your success as an investor!

A while ago, Joe Polish from I Love Marketing began using the acronym “E.L.F.” to describe an easy, lucrative, and fun business.

However, in the real estate world, time is everything. While we totally support easy, lucrative, and fun real estate investing, we also recognize that we need to move FAST.

How Do You Set Yourself Up to Win?

You need to learn to play the leverage game. Leverage (using other people’s money in the form of loans and gifts) is what makes real estate investing lucrative and accessible. Having the right leverage when you need it can really make or break your business.

And the truth is this:

Leverage is significantly affected by your credit score.

One of the first steps in your real estate business plan ought to be checking out your credit score.

1. Switch to business credit cards.

We’ve talked previously about the importance of not using personal credit cards for business-level investing. 

Most personal credit cards simply are not designed for the level of usage needed in the real estate investing business. Because of the quantity of purchasing necessary for most fix-and-flips, you may want to look into business cards that have higher usage limits.

2. Consider a usage loan.

Additionally, if you are in a situation where your credit score is negatively affected by high usage, don’t worry. You can look into a usage loan.

We offer them here at The Cash Flow Company, or you can check out our partner company Hard Money Mike

3. Understand the need for speed.

A good credit score can dramatically speed up the investment process.

Leverage makes real estate investing an even playing field for everyone out there, but credit scores can limit your leverage if you’re not careful. 

A good credit score opens doors and makes everything cheaper, easier, faster. 

To E.L.F.F. the real estate business, you need to set yourself up to win.


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3 Ways to Quickly Increase Your Credit Score

3 Ways to Quickly Increase Your Credit Score and Get Better Financing.

I don’t know of any other business that is more dependent on financing than real estate investing.

We create wealth by using leverage (aka, by borrowing most of the funds needed to purchase properties).

In today’s financial world, credit scores matter more than ever. The higher the credit score the better the lending options.

3 Ways to Quickly Increase Your Credit Score

Usage makes up 30% of your credit score. With investors tapping into their personal credit cards to keep their business growing, usage creates funding issues.

Here are 3 ways to lower your usage and increase your credit score in weeks, not months:

  1. Obtain a private non-reporting usage loan to pay off all or part of your credit card balances.
  2. Have friends, family members, or a service add you as an authorized user to one or several open credit card accounts. Make sure these accounts are in good standing, have low to no balances, and are at least a year old.
  3. Call your credit card companies and ask them to increase your available credit limit.

Any of these three options will help increase your score in 30 days or less (as long as you maintain all your other credit and keep your current balances and payment history in good standing).

Learn more with these videos from our Youtube Channel.

Next up: Once your score is up…How to fix your usage problem for the long run with business credit cards.


How Do Usage Loans Boost Credit?


If you’ve ever wondered how to boost your credit score overnight with usage loans, you’ve come to the right place.

Having a strong credit score is like having a really good baseball team. It doesn’t guarantee an instant win, but it sure helps! The better your team (and credit score), the more home runs you can look forward to in your investment season. 

When you win the credit score game, you win countless opportunities. These include good rates, good loans, and more opportunities that can, in the end, add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What is a Good Credit Score and Why is it Important?

Typically, banks consider a credit score “good” when it’s 700 or higher. 

The higher your score, the better your chances of taking home a big trophy. 

It’s important to note that not every lender is equally concerned with credit score. Some private money lenders care more about the specific deal or their relationship with the investor. This can be really helpful to keep in mind if you need to apply for a usage loan or some other method of raising your credit score.

How Can a 60-90 Day Note or Usage Loans Help?

If those first two strategies don’t really work for you, then you can always take a third approach: find a loan.

You can apply for a short-term 60 or 90 day note. These are available from most banks, or you could look to family and friends for the small loan. You can also go through private lenders like us for a usage loan

A usage loan allows you to move the credit card balance off of that card (and away from your credit score). It can fix usage issues instantly as might be obvious by the loan’s name.

Also, by moving that balance to a different place, you’ll often find better deals which can allow you to pay off the usage loan more easily than you could have paid off the credit card.

We Can Help!

If you take one, two, or all three approaches to boosting your credit score, then you should see better deals flying your way almost immediately.

If you want to discuss options such as usage loans or even business credit cards, reach out to us at Info@TheCashFlowCompany.com

Our team is always ready to help.

We’re eager to set you on a path that helps you make the kind of money you need to live the life you want.


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It’s important to look ahead when preparing your loan applications in the real estate game.

In real estate investing, leverage comes from using other people’s money to generate wealth and income. 

The better your leverage, the easier and more profitable real estate investing becomes. 

But how do you find the right loans that can give you that leverage?

Before applying to various lenders, make sure you’re prepared for the basics.

Be Honest

This may seem basic, but it can be really tempting to slip in a few lies when you’re trying to get a deal. Don’t do it.

Lenders do background checks, look at credit, and generally get external confirmation for everything you tell them. Lying not only makes their jobs harder, but your lack of honesty can ruin your reputation with that lender.

Make sure you disclose if you’ve gone through bankruptcy or if you have any credit card debt. 

They will find out if you’re hiding information or stretching the truth, and you’ll get dumped to the bottom of the pile.

Especially About Your Credit Score

One of the first things lenders look at is credit score. That score can determine whether you even get considered for a loan.

It’s better to be honest about a bad credit score and have a detailed plan about how to fix it than to lie. 

If you have a bad credit score, work on fixing it before submitting loan applications.

If credit score is something you’re concerned about, there are ways to raise your score, including looking into usage loans

The better the score, the better terms a lender will offer. The better the terms, the better your leverage. 

If you have questions about raising your score or are interested in discussing a usage loan, you can contact us here, and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.

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