Why You Need to Get Pre-Approved in BRRRR


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Why You Need to Get Pre-Approved in BRRRR

Today, we are discussing the importance of getting pre-approved in BRRRR. To clarify, BRRRR stands for Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, and Repeat. Let’s break it down step-by-step.

Getting Long-term Loan Approval

Before buying, secure a pre-approval from a long-term lender. This step ensures you know the maximum loan amount you qualify for, which is crucial for the refinancing stage later on.

Buying with a Short-term Loan

Next, use a short term loan, like a hard money loan, to purchase the property. Short term loans are essential for fast closings and approved within days or weeks.

Rehabbing the Property

Once you own the property, it’s time to rehab it. Focus on making necessary repairs to meet the After Repair Value (ARV). Most importantly, remember that this is a rental property, so avoid high-end finishes. Just make it appealing and functional.

Renting the Property

After the rehab, find a reliable tenant. By renting the property, you journey begins because you are generating money.


Finally, refinance your short-term loan into a long-term mortgage. This step not only reduces your monthly payments, but it locks in a lower interest rate also. Having pre-approval speeds up this process while saving you money.

Repeating the Process

Build a robust rental property quickly and easily by being pre-approved in BRRRR today. Set your goals, search for the right properties, secure financing, and repeat the process. Contact us to find out more! Watch our most recent video.