What is House Hacking – Real Estate Investing Tips


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What is House Hacking – Real Estate Investing Tips

Here at The Cash Flow Company we want to give you as many investing tips as possible to help you win the real estate game. Today we are going to discuss house hacking by looking at the benefits and highlighting some examples. What is house hacking? It is when you buy a property and rent out a portion for additional income. These properties are multi tenant properties that often need some work. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits and a few examples of how this process works. 

Benefits of house hacking.

There are a few benefits to house hacking. Real estate investors are able to apply for an owner occupied loan for the multi tenant property. These loans not only allow them to stay in the property that they are renting, but they also tend to have better rates as well.


There is a gentleman who bought a duplex and fixed up one side to rent out. Then moved into the other side of the duplex. By using an owner occupied loan, he not only had a lower interest rate, but also got into it for 100%. This customer put little to no money into the property for the purchase, while only having to cover the fix up expenses. 

Example 2:

I also helped a doctor who bought 5 or 6 duplexes and triplexes with 100% financing. We find that banks will typically give doctors and dentists 100% financing. Every year or so this doctor buys a new duplex or triplex and continues the cycle of house hacking. She will live in one side in order to get better financing on the property, while renting out the other side to generate cash flow.

In conclusion.

While it takes more time, house hacking provides the opportunity for real estate investors to have 100% financing and better rates compared to traditional loans. In order to be successful, it is imperative that the property is cash flowing and pays for itself. This will provide the financial flexibility you need to move onto the next property. 

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