Discover the #1 KEY to DSCR and BRRRR


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Discover the #1 KEY to DSCR and BRRRR

Today we are going to review BRRRR and DSCR in order to discover the #1 Key to your success. While DSCR and BRRRR are excellent products by themselves, when used correctly together, you can have the cash flow you need to create generational wealth. Let’s take a quick recap of what DSCR and BRRRR are before combining them!

What is BRRRR?

BRRRR is a popular real estate investment strategy that stands for buy, repair, rent, refinance, and repeat. In order to buy the property, investors use a short-term loan such as hard money or private money. Once the property is purchased, investors repair the property in order to add more value and make it worth more. After repairs are completed, the property can then be rented out and investors can refinance the property. The refinance provides an excellent opportunity to get into a cheaper long-term loan, such as a DSCR. Finally, repeat the process again and again in order to create generational wealth.

What is a DSCR loan?

A DSCR loan is a real estate loan that is geared towards rental properties. This type of loan focuses on income versus expenses. As a result, the more a property cash flows, the better! 

Let’s put BRRRR and DSCR together!

The #1 rule that you must follow when using BRRRR and DSCR together is that you do NOT buy first! Instead, you need to plan your refinance. This begins by checking your numbers! If you have an income of $1,400 and expenses of $1,300, then you would have a DSCR ratio of 1.08. It is important that you always ask yourself whether or not you will break-even. If the answer is no, then you will not qualify for a DSCR loan.

Is it really a good deal?

Again, you need to determine if the property will break even or not. If not, then you will get stuck in an expensive short-term loan when the time comes to refinance the property. Those who can’t refinance will also begin to see their profits disappear. Investors who take their time and know their numbers will hit the bullseye! Remember, cash flow is key! Properties that cash flow will qualify for a DSCR loan. 

Do you have a property in mind? Do you need help with your numbers? Give us a call today and we will walk you through the steps to ensure your success!

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