2024 Real Estate Investing – Why You Will Need More Liquidity


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2024 Real Estate Investing – Why You Will Need More Liquidity

Investing in 2024 will require more liquidity than ever! What do I mean by liquidity? Liquidity is the money that is available to you to help fund deals. These funds are not from lenders, but are instead from you. This includes funds that you bring into your investments, the amount that you put down on a property, and the money that you have to carry on a project. Those expenses will be more important in 2024 than they have been within the last decade. What does liquidity mean in your world and how do you find it? Let’s take a look at the four “liquidity bucket” options that you can fill up now in preparation for the new year!

Liquidity Buckets for Success

1. Lock in HELOCS

Banks and credit unions are driving down their loan to value percentages. What started at 90% LTV a year ago, has now plummeted to 75% LTV, and in some cases even 70% LTV. Loan to values are shrinking fast, so lock it in now before it drops even further! Make sure that you get HELOCS wherever you can! This can be on your primary, as well as on all of your investment properties. Remember, you don’t have to use the funds from the HELOCS, the money is just reserved for a rainy day. While it may cost a few hundred to close later on, it is a great resource to have when buying properties, making payments, doing construction, or any additional expenses that come your way. 

2. Unsecured Lines of Credit

You can normally find unsecured lines of credit at larger banks such as Chase, Wells Fargo, and American Express. They have lines of credit that you can sign up for as long as you have good credit. Surprisingly, investors can receive $5K, $10K, $15K, and even $100K in unsecured lines of credit. Once again, it won’t cost you anything. By setting them up and having them on hand, the funds from the unsecured lines of credit will be available when you need them.

3. Business Credit Cards

As an investor you should already have business credit cards established. It is imperative that investors move all business expenses off of their personal credit cards and onto their business credit cards as soon as possible. This improves personal credit scores, provides opportunities for higher credit limits, and can act like a  line of credit up to your available limit. Business credit cards provide the flexibility that you need to secure your future success.

4. Peer to peer lending 

This form of lending is also known as other people’s money. These funds can come from neighbors, friends, and even groups that you are a part of. It is important to communicate with people in real estate groups, those in the community, and other groups that you are involved in. In talking about your real estate adventures and what you are doing, it will create opportunities to find others who are looking for better returns on their investments as well. There is a potential for a win-win solution for everyone involved. Peer to peer lending is the biggest untapped portion of funding available. Reach out to us for more information on how to get started.

Fill your Liquidity Buckets Today

The goal is to fill your liquidity buckets now! As investors, we are all going to need these extra funds for down payments, escrow, paying contractors, as well as any other expenses that come our way. Investors who take the time at the end of this year to prepare, will have more opportunities and a huge advantage in 2024 over those who don’t act now.  Lenders are going to require you to be more liquid, have more reserves, and put more money down. So, by having more liquidity, you will be able to easily open the doors to success.

In preparing now and filling your liquidity buckets to the brim, you will set yourself up for success come the new year! 

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