NOW is the Most Valuable Time to Invest in Real Estate Investing


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NOW is the Most Valuable Time to Invest in Real Estate Investing

Now is the time to invest in real estate! As the Fed is tightening up and banks are lending less, it creates better deals for real estate investors.  There are going to be good deals coming up that will help you to not only create the income you need but the generational wealth you want. By getting into it now and understanding the different components, it will help you in the long run. This includes setting up your realtors, finding deals, and calculating ARV. Now is the most valuable time to invest in real estate! Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

If things are tightening up, why does that create more opportunities?

When the Fed shrinks the money pool, it in turn decreases what’s available for everyone. This causes lenders and banks to swim upstream in order to look for the best of the best. Banks are being pushed to the point that they can only lend a portion of what they could before. Let’s take a closer look at the money side as a customer, and as an investor, to explain why these times are creating more opportunities. The customers are the ones who own their homes and are going to give it up for a discount. While investors are looking at the property as money to invest. Once again, leverage is the key to real estate investing and why we can make money from nothing. Anybody can do this and create generational wealth if you are set up correctly and financially prepared

How lending has changed.

One of the largest private lenders used to lend on ARV. ARV stands for after repair value. Lending based on ARV allows investors to get more money, create more leverage, and buy more deals. So if you’re in real estate investing you need to focus on purchasing undervalued properties, fix them up, and either keep it or sell it. This will in turn create wealth for you to reinvest in another property. In today’s market however, lenders are lending off of LTV, or loan to value, instead of ARV. This is often a $50K to $75K difference from what they were lending before the market changed. 

Let’s look at an example of ARV vs LTV

Purchase a house for $250K with a rehab of $50K
Worth when all said and done Percentage Amount they will lend Amount lenders  want you to put in 
ARV $400K $400K at 75% Close to $300K 10%
LTV Lenders don’t looks at this  $300K at 75% Close to $225K 10% to 30% 

It is clear to see what a big difference it makes when lenders switch from ARV to LTV. They are becoming tighter on their lending, lending less, and charging more. This creates a smaller pool of investors, because many can no longer qualify for those deals. While the deal flow might remain the same, only 20% to 30% of investors are prepared to continue buying in this market. There are going to be better deals for those who can buy and buy quickly.

Now is the most valuable time!

It is one of the most valuable times to get into real estate investing. This is because the Fed is tightening up and banks are starting to lend less. In doing so, it creates better deals that will in turn create wealth and income in the near future. One of the most important things to remember is that when there is fear in the street, that is when people start running. These are the times when you need to make your move. Make sure that you have some money available, a good credit score, and a good business history to ensure that you are a client that is attractive to lenders.

At The Cash Flow Company we can help you find the funding you need and guide you through this market. 

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