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#1 Mistake Made by Small Businesses and Real Estate Investors

What is the #1 mistake made by small business and real estate investors? The answer is not applying for and using business credit cards for business expenses. They are the most important thing and the simplest thing that all investors can do for both their business, as well as their personal lives. While personal credit cards are easy to use, it makes life more complicated as you get into investing.  It doesn’t matter if you are doing flips or rentals, you need to make the switch today!

We Want To Help You!

Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for business owners to succeed. Real estate investing is reliant on leverage or funding for growth and generational wealth. We just want to make the process easier for you. 

Stop Using Personal Credit Cards. 

70% to 80% of people we see are using personal credit cards for business expenses. By putting business charges on your personal credit, it drives down your credit score and makes everything harder. Personal credit cards are used to complete repairs, as well as to grow your business. However, using them on a regular basis will drive down your credit score quickly. This problem even affects investors who are applying for loans. They are either being denied, or required to put more money down because of their credit score.

Where Do You Start?

One of the easiest things to do is to stop using personal credit cards and instead get into simple business credit cards. The best part about business credit cards is that they don’t impact your credit scores. We are talking about the same credit cards you use now, the only difference is that they are in your business name. In making this simple switch, it then allows you to take your business expenses and transfer them onto your business credit card. This not only removes those charges from your credit report, but it also gives you peace of mind that your business expenses will no longer affect your DTI. In the end, the better the credit score, the better the funding you can get to create wealth.

Increase Your Credit Score Quickly.

Here at the Cash Flow Company, we provide a usage loan or 911 loan that will help get your credit score back on track. We use a private non-reporting loan to pay off or down your credit card balances.  With little or no balances showing up on your credit report the next time your credit card cycles, your score increases.  With usage counting for 30% of your score, this will have a huge impact on your new score. We receive calls daily from people who say that they need to increase their score 18 to 20 points. These investors are charged an additional 10% to 20% down, or even being denied loans because of their score. To be clear, this loan is for those who have high balances but don’t have late payments. Is a usage loan right for you? Give us a call today to find out more. 

Open A Business Credit Card Today!

Everyone has credit cards and uses them on a regular basis, so why not make the switch over to business credit cards? Unfortunately, investors ht a detour and go down the path of applying for corporate credit. This is a tiered system that can take months or even years to build. Business credit cards on the other hand can be applied for right away. If you have really good credit and you’re starting a business, then you can get a business credit card right now. Chase, American Express, for example, will give you somewhere to start, as long as you are set up and running like a real business. The more you use the business credit cards, the greater your available credit, and the more benefits you will receive. This includes Southwest, United, Marriott, and so much more. 

Make The Change Today And Succeed Tomorrow!

Both credit scores and leverage are important to create wealth. We want to make sure you do it right! If you have a real business and operate as a real business, then you need to apply for business credit cards today! Investors are hesitant when they are approved for a few thousand to get started. However, when lenders see that you’re using it and paying it down in chunks, they will quickly raise your limits.It may take 2 to 6 months to move everything over, it just depends on where you’re at. Making the change now will make your life so much easier as you grow your business.

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Do you have more questions about setting your business correctly? Do you need additional information about raising your credit scores? Contact us today!


Business Credit: 5 Simple Steps To Get Started

It is imperative that investors take the time to set up their business correctly from day one. In doing so, they can easily get onto the fast track to success. Alex Erlich, a credit advisor and educator, is joining us today to discuss the steps investors need to take to win the investment game. Let’s take a closer look to discover the five simple steps to get started.

Getting started is daunting! Here is what you need to get in it to win it.

First, Personal Credit

Make sure that your personal credit is setting you up for success. The majority of investors use their personal credit for business expenses. As a result, the utilization rate begins to have a negative impact on personal credit scores. By identifying and separating personal expenses from business expenses, you can in turn get your credit score back on track. 

Second, Identify Your Business

It is important that you not only identify the type of business you are starting, but the corresponding subcategorization as well. Banks will look at the NAICS, also known as the North American Industry Classification System, when you apply for business financing. 

Third, Select a Business Name

How do you select a name for your  business? Will there be a parent company? It is imperative that you select a business name that represents your company, and that your name is available within your state.

Fourth, Set Things Up Correctly 

Establishing the company properly through the secretary of state, applying for an EIN, applying for a business license, and opening business accounts for expenses. Setting this up correctly ensures that both lenders, as well as clients, see it as a business.

Fifth, Set Clear Goals

Be very clear with your goals from day one! Where do you want to go with your business, how many properties do you need, do you need to buy machinery? 

In Conclusion

Starting a business is overwhelming. Taking it step by step will result in not only helping your business succeed, but it will also have a positive impact on your personal life as well. We have created a guide that will help you step by step through the process of starting your business. This includes links to all of the important websites that you need for your specific state. We are here to help get you on the fast track to success.

Contact us today to find out more about setting yourself up for success.

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Credit usage: business credit cards vs personal credit cards

The majority of investors today are struggling with their personal credit score. This is due to the fact that they are putting business expenses on personal credit cards. How can you make things easier, faster, and cheaper? The answer is making the switch to business credit cards! This is a simple step that every investor should be taking to alleviate future strain on their personal credit score. By having higher credit scores, investors will in turn have more leverage to grow their business.  We can help guide you through the migration to business credit cards. 

First let’s look at Personal Credit Cards 

High credit scores are important for investors because it creates the leverage and funding they need to grow their business. Almost every investor runs up their personal credit card balance, by putting too many business charges on them. Thus, jeopardizing their personal credit score because of the high credit utilization rate. For personal credit cards, MyFico only allows for a 20% utilization rate before it impacts your credit score. However, business credit cards do not have the same restrictions. Instead, you are able to use the entire credit limit without having to worry. In having better credit scores, it opens the door to endless possibilities that will create wealth.

Next let’s look at Business Credit Cards 

Switch to business credit cards today! Business credit cards are the most important thing that investors can do to ensure success. They not only provide funding, but also the leverage required to create further growth. Many investors have heard of corporate credit and have taken the steps to get started down that path. Unfortunately, this option results in years of hard work and multiple steps before any progress can be made. Business credit cards on the other hand, are quick to set up, extremely flexible, and most importantly they will not impact your credit score. Eliminate the cash crunch by separating your personal credit from your business.

Get on the right track today!

By using personal credit cards for business expenses, you are jeopardizing your credit score and endangering the success of your business. Do not join the 80% of real estate investors who fail. Make the switch to business credit cards as soon as possible! We can help guide you through the entire process from setting up your business correctly, to researching credit cards, and can even provide usage loans to get you back on track.

Watch our most recent video to discover more about the importance of business credit cards and how we can help guide you to success.


It’s time to stop using your personal credit cards which can ruin your credit score for real estate investors.

Personal credit cards are not only costing you opportunities, but also time, frustration, and cost. And here’s the deal: it’s easy to fix personal credit score issues by switching to a business credit card. 

Why Are Personal Credit Cards Dangerous for Real Estate Investors?

It all comes back to credit score.

The vast majority of people who call us for advice in the real estate investing journey have issues with credit. 

Credit usage is confusing for a lot of people. If this is something you’ve also had questions about, we recommend checking out our previous article about basic credit scores.

In essence, credit scores are based on a ratio that compares usage to available balance. If you’re using personal credit cards for real estate investing (a job that requires a lot of large transactions), it drives your usage way up.

When your usage skyrockets, your credit score will go down even if you’re still paying off the card on time. Basically, personal credit cards are not designed for business-level usage.

With a poor credit score, you’re going to have a much harder time leveraging the best deals, terms, loan to values, and flexibility. 

Real estate investing is all about using the investments of others (including the credit card company’s) to get your work done so you can pay them back and turn a profit. If your credit score is low, you’re going to struggle. You won’t be offered the best terms which drives up the overall cost of your projects.

Very little matters as much as credit score for real estate investors.

Switching to Business Cards Helps Your Credit Score!

At The Cash Flow Company, we are more than happy to help you make the transition to business credit cards.

We can…

  • Get you a private usage loan to raise your personal credit score so you’re eligible for more business card options.
  • Help you figure out which business credit card is right for you.
  • Help you set up your investment work as a business to protect your personal credit score.
  • You can also look into our partner company Hard Money Mike that offers hard money loans that you could use to raise your score as you look for business cards.

We want to make sure you’re prepared for opportunities even before they come your way. Real estate investing is a time-sensitive field, and the fewer obstacles you have to work through, the more successful you’ll be.

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