This Makes a HUGE Impact on Your Credit Score


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Business Owners: This Makes a HUGE Impact on Your Credit Score

Many business owners wonder what will make the biggest impact on their credit score. The answer is using personal credit for business expenses! If you max out your personal credit card with business expenses and fail to make payments on time, then it will show up on your credit report. In order to be successful, it is imperative that you maintain your credit score. Those who do will be able to get approved for business credit cards and loans in the future. How can you prevent any further strain on your credit score? Let’s take a closer look. 

What is the credit utilization rate and how does it affect you?

The credit utilization rate is the sum of your balances divided by the amount that you were approved for. If you are above 20% of your credit utilization rate, it will lower your credit score. For example, if you have a $10K personal credit card and use $3K of it, then it will decrease your credit score. However, if you have a $5K business credit card and use $4800, your credit score will not be impacted. In many instances, your credit score will by using a business credit card as opposed to a personal credit card.

Business credit cards are a key to success.

Once you get into business credit cards, the banks will start offering you business loans as well. I receive offers almost weekly that are offering a $30K business loan or a term loan. Investors are always finding ways to bring money into their business so that they aren’t in a cash crunch. Part of that is using credit cards for down payments and escrow. By just going through one extra step to apply for business credit cards, you can continue to use credit cards without affecting your score.

Buying a property has never been easier!

A business credit card is a tool that will not only help you pay for business expenses, but it can also be used to purchase a property. There are services out there who can help you use your credit card to purchase a property as long as things are set up correctly. For example, if you have a $10K limit on a business credit card and want to buy a property for $5K, they can take it directly off of the credit card. That $5K can be used to pay the title company for the earnest money or down payment. In doing so, you can put the property under contract easily by just using a business credit card. Once the property is refinanced or sold, the money can be paid back. 

Create the flexibility you need to succeed! 

Business credit cards provide the flexibility you need to be successful.. The most important benefit to using them is that they will not impact your credit score if you run up the balances. Almost every investor runs up their balance. You are not alone! Don’t fall for the deceptive leverage of personal credit cards. By using more than 20%, it will not only affect your credit score, but it will also cost you more. 

Don’t let your business expenses affect your personal life.

While investors are trying to use the leverage that they have available, using personal credit just makes it harder. If you are a business owner who is doing flips and rental using your personal credit cards, it will affect your personal life. For example, if your wife wants to get a new car or you need a HELOC, you may not have the credit score or DTI that you need to qualify. Just to clarify, DTI is your debt to income ratio.The lenders who will be lending you money are going to see that you have $75K in credit cards and you will have to account for that in your income.

Make the change today!

Business credit cards make life easier for you in so many ways! Protect your credit score by separating business expenses from personal expenses today. Don’t make things harder on yourself! Those who make the switch to business credit cards will create the flexibility needed for business expenses, while maintaining your credit for future loans or projects.

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