Why business credit cards make real estate investing easier


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Why business credit cards make real estate investing easier

70%-80% of investors are overwhelmed with business expenses and are resorting to using their personal credit. By using personal credit cards for business expenses, investors are jeopardizing their credit score and endangering the success of their business. How can you get your personal credit in good standing and back on track? What can you do to stabilize your business expenses? The answer to both of these questions is business credit cards. Let’s look closer at how they can make your life easier.

First, personal credit scores are no longer taking the hit.

While personal credit cards are easily accessible, they make life more complicated for investors. Whether it’s a fix and flip, or a rental property, expenses can easily add up and jeopardize your credit score. Putting expenses on personal credit cards drives down your score due to the utilization rate. This in turn makes everything harder, from trying to apply for a loan, to putting more money into the investment. The ultimate solution is business credit cards because they do not impact your credit score, nor do they have the same utilization rate restrictions. This is a simple step that every investor should be taking to alleviate future strain on personal credit scores.

Second, making things easier, faster, and cheaper

How can you make things easier, faster and cheaper for your business? The answer once again is applying for and using business credit cards! Once a card is established, you can start moving expenses over to consolidate balances, thus making your life easier. They have the same benefits as personal credit cards if not more! By using them more often and making payments in chunks, investors are able to increase their credit limits quickly. In doing so, personal credit scores will increase and create more leverage for additional loans, as well as create better funding options. 

Third, we are here to get you on track.

In having better credit scores, it then opens the door to endless possibilities that will create wealth. We can help you by providing a usage loan that can be used to pay down personal credit cards. With the utilization rate then decreased, your credit score will increase, allowing you to make the switch. We can help guide you through the entire process from setting up your business correctly, to researching credit cards, and provide usage loans to get you back on track. Don’t wait for corporate credit to take effect! Call or message us today to find out more.

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