Why You Need To Refinance a BRRRR


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Why can’t you just keep the first loan on your BRRRR? Here are the reasons to refinance a BRRRR.

The BRRRR strategy uses two loans. The second one is for the refinance – the third “R” in BRRRR.

You buy with a hard money or bridge loan, but eventually you need new funding for the property. There are 3 reasons why you need to refinance.

1. Term Length

Hard money and bridge loans are useful when used right, but only good for a couple of months. How BRRRR works is that renting your property will require a second, longer loan. However long you’ll want to hold the rental unit is how long your refinance loan will need to be.

2. Rate When You Refinance a BRRRR

Hard money loans won’t have a good long-term interest rate. This second refinance loan should give you a much lower rate. Not only should a refinance create net worth, but it should also give you good cash flow on the property.

3. Capture Equity

BRRRR refinances tend to grab at least 25% of the house’s purchase price in added net worth. Check out this post to see how the numbers break down on a BRRRR refinance.

When To Refinance a BRRRR

Want the greatest profit on your project? Have the refinance loan ready by the time you buy your under-market property.

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