2024 Real Estate Investing: Why Should I Invest?


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2024 Real Estate Investing: Why Should I Invest? 

2024 is going to be an excellent year for real estate investing. Whether you are a new investor who is just starting out, or a seasoned investor who is looking to decrease your inventory, there is no better time than now. Today we are going to answer the question “why should I invest”. We will not only look at how things have changed over the years, but we will also discuss how the real estate community is changing in this current market.

New real estate investors

For new real estate investors there is no better time to get into the game. There are more deals coming out and more foreclosures. This is due to the fact that many people are becoming overwhelmed by debt and needing to give up their properties. New real estate investors will see 5% to 10% more homes available to them this year!

Investors are leaving the community

We are seeing more investors leave this community. The changes in the market over the past few years has caused everything to tighten up. The banks are swimming upstream to find the best of the best and lending has become harder to obtain. Many investors are not willing or able to continue in this current market We are seeing less people who are sticking around and even fewer who know what they are doing. As a new investor, the competition is going to be better for you, thus creating better deals.

If they are leaving? Why should I step in and take over?

By having less investors, it creates more properties and better deals for the people who are sticking around. For the first time in a long time, there are better deals, as well as better margins on deals. To put it another way, there is “more meat on the bone” with more properties coming up. Real estate investing is like anything else. Not everyone will be successful every time. There are a lot of people who do succeed and make a lot of money in real estate investing. 

What deals should you expect? 

In 2024, you are going to find better deals, including 60% to 70% LTV. There will also be more opportunities for you to succeed than there were two years ago. A few years ago there were more people bidding on properties. When there are too many people bidding, they become overzealous and crazy. This creates overbidding and causes properties to become less profitable. By having less investors in 2024, you will have more properties available, resulting in better deals for people who are sticking around.

What is the biggest hurdle you will face?

The biggest hurdle that you are going to face is finding money. Over the last 10 years, real estate investors have had big pools of money available to them and the rates kept going down. In today’s market, you will need to be prepared and ready for anything that lies ahead. In taking the time to set yourself up properly, you will have the opportunity to create the wealth and income you want. 

Now is the time to buy!

Now is the time for you to invest in real estate. This is the opportunity for you to take advantage of not only more deals, but more profitable deals in this market. As a new investor, you need to be able to jump in when other people are getting out. Here at The Cash Flow Company we can help walk you through the steps and ensure that you are on the path for success.

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