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Why You Should Use Peer to Peer Lending

Today we are going to discuss what peer to peer lending is and why should you use it. As a result of all of the changes that have happened in the market over the past few years, real estate investors are looking for alternative funding. It is an excellent option that not only allows you to work with people in the community, but it creates flexible funding for your next deal. Let’s take a closer look at why you should make the switch! 

Removing the middle man.

Peer lending has been around for centuries, long before formal banks were established. Nowadays banks are increasing their requirements and shrinking their lending pool. In doing so, real estate investors are searching for alternative funding that is flexible and simpler. By using this form of lending, real estate investors no longer have to worry about meeting bank requirements. Instead, it removes the bank entirely and reintroduces the human factor. 

There is something for everyone.

There is something for everyone with peer to peer lending. Whether it’s $5,000 to $3,000,000, someone in the community has the money you need. For example, funds are used for down payments, fix up costs, small business start up costs, and even used to cover the entire project! This form of lending provides more flexibility, simpler underwriting, faster closing, and no prepayment requirements. It’s an excellent option for real estate investors. 

Make the lending switch today!

Every investor needs peer to peer lending! It’s a fast, cheap, and dependable funding option! 

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2024 Real Estate Investing: Are High Interest Rates Worth It?

Today we are going to discuss real estate investing and whether or not it’s worth paying high interest rates in 2024. Over the past few years there has been a huge shift in the market. The banks are swimming upstream in search of the best and investors are having a difficult time qualifying for financing. While many people may run away from investing right now, this is actually the best time to jump in. Those who do will benefit greatly when rates go back down. What do you need to do to ensure success? Let’s take a closer look.

1. Focus on the lower end of the market.

With interest rates being so high right now, it is important that you focus on the lower end of the market. What do we mean by the lower end of the market? These are homes that are in the $300K range as opposed to $500K or above. It is important to keep affordability in mind as well if you are flipping a property. Affordability is key because someone will need to be able to afford to buy the house when you are finished. 

2. Create a good product to guarantee a sale.

Especially for those who are fixing up properties, it is crucial that you have a nice fixed up property to sell. It is more likely that a fixed up property will sell, as opposed to one that needs work. In today’s market there is an inventory shortage for investors and a growing demand for properties. If you are at a good price point and have a good product, then you will win in this real estate game.

3. High interest rates now will create cash flow later.

Keep in mind interest rates and how they will affect your monthly budget. Properties that will at least break even, or better yet cash flow, will create wealth in the near future. Predictions are indicating that rates will come back down later this year. When they do, more people are going to jump into the market. Many people have been waiting on the sidelines for things to go back down. By buying now, you will be ahead of the crowd with a property that is worth more, thus creating more cash flow! 

4. Do it correctly to prevent being upside down.

It is a great time to jump in! If you can buy something low and make it work now. Then when rates go back down, you are creating that wealth.

Purchase Price Overpaid  Two years from now Equity 
A few years ago $350K $100K $325K to $350K $0
Today $250K $0 $325K to $350K Created equity

5. What is a good property?

In order to succeed in this market it is very important that you buy good properties. What is a good property? It is one that is not on corners, busy streets, or near a commercial area. A good property on the other hand is one that is in culdesac or near parks. These types of properties are what you should be focusing on to ensure success. 

6. Why should I get into real estate when others are running away?

All of the negativity out there is keeping people out of the market an driving away those who have been in real estate for awhile. In years past there were some really good deals available and it was easier to qualify for lending. Nowadays, the banks are swimming upstream in search of the best of the best. This decrease in competition creates the perfect opportunity for new investors to begin their real estate investment journey. 

7. Set yourself up for success!

As a new investor you need to make sure that you set yourself up for success. Those who stand out to lenders and have more buckets of money will set themselves up for success. Real estate investing is all about using other people’s money in order to create wealth. Contact us today to find out more about getting your lending buckets set up!

There is going to be less real estate investors and less money out there. However, there are going to be more deals than there were before. These deals will have better margins and will create a greater opportunity for wealth in the future. Contact us today to find out more!

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Peer to Peer Lending – Why You Need it NOW

Today we are going to discuss why you need peer to peer now! This form of lending allows you to work with people in the community who have just as big of a need as you do. In today’s market more people are looking for new sources to meet their needs. Let’s take a closer look.

Who are peer to peer lenders?

Whether they are in retirement and needing extra income, or have money in an IRA, these individuals are looking for a better investment.  These individuals are going through the same crunch as you are in this market. By switching these lenders can have anywhere between 6% to 8% secured while helping you with your investment needs. It creates a win-win for both people!

Changes with affordability.

We all know what is happening with affordability in today’s market. Banks are not only charging more than they have in years past, but they are increasing their requirements as well. The lending pie is now heavily dependent on your credit score, while taking the LTV and income into consideration as well. In looking at the changes in rates, DSCR loans are rising into the 9% and 10% range. Fix and flips have increased as well and are now into the 11% to 13% range. 

Benefit of taking out the middleman.

Peer to peer lending allows us to work directly with humans again by taking out the middleman. This form of lending has been around since before banks were established. Many good investors have a few relationships established already. This not only helps to provide funding, but it also creates the flexibility they need to close deals quickly. Additional benefits are flexible terms, no prepay requirements, simpler underwriting, and fewer closing costs. 

Do it right to succeed.

As a real estate investor it is important that you take the time to make everything secure. In doing so, you will create a good relationship with your lender. This relationship not only helps you financially, but it also creates the flexibility you need to succeed. Any investor or business owner should be looking at alternative lending! Whether it’s for a down payment or funding for an entire project, there is money available.

Don’t make it complicated

It is not uncommon for people to feel uneasy asking family and friends to become financially involved. Whether it is a family member, friend, or a complete stranger, the most important thing you need to do is put them in a good deal. If you are not diligent about this, then it will make things uncomfortable and puts a strain on relationships. What is a good deal? These are deals that have cash flow, or properties that will be easy to flip. Take your time, crunch the numbers, and make sure it is a good deal for both of you.

In conclusion.

As a real estate investor you need to set yourself up for success by finding peer to peer lenders within your community. Over the past few years we have seen things tighten up and become stricter. In doing so, it has created the perfect opportunity to reintroduce this alternative lending source. There are billions and even trillions of dollars out there that can be used for your lending needs! 

Contact us to find out more and how we can help you with your investment needs.

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There is Hope in a Tough Housing Market

Things have changed, bankers have changed, and lenders have changed. You should always have control over your lending options. There is a glimmer of hope in this tough housing market. Investors can empower themselves by setting things up right, cultivating relationships, and knowing their numbers. You can still make a lot of money in this market as long as you understand the rules in the game and have the flexibility to change with the times. How do you get started? Let’s take a closer look at what you need to do to succeed.

What do investors need to do?

This is the time when the select few will make a lot in the near future. If you want to take advantage of this, then you have to do certain things. Let’s take a closer look at real estate investment essentials for today’s market. Also known as the pillars of success.

1. Find a lot of properties/find good properties

It is important to buy when everyone else is running away. A successful investor needs to determine where they will find properties, connect with others to start buying better properties, and understand the value of the property. The better the property you find, the better chance you have to get the financing you need. Especially from private lenders or hard money lenders. 

2. Set up your business correctly  

It is imperative that you set up your business to look like you are serious about investing. This includes setting up your business name, establishing business accounts, and applying for business credit cards. In setting these things up correctly, banks and lenders will know that you will do what it takes to succeed.

3. Make sure you have a diverse source of funding 

Start by looking for lenders who are actually lending, and build a relationship with them. In taking the time to build that foundation, you will be the person who goes to the top of the pile. Lenders will not be willing to help investors who don’t return calls, or those who are unprofessional. Finally, broaden your horizons by looking at other options to see who can help create the wealth you want. 

4. Find contractors and resources that will help you complete repairs.

We still see properties that are selling like crazy. These are in good locations and have quality work done. It is important to find contractors and resources that will help create a product that people will want to buy. Don’t skip on the flips! Take the time to find a team who can make your property shine. This will result in a shorter sell at a better return for you.

Creating the leverage you need to succeed.

Make sure that your business is set up correctly from the very beginning in order to create wealth. In doing so, you will be able to open up business credit cards, business lines of credit, and seek out OPM or other people’s money. An underused source of funding is OPM. Nowadays more people are searching for better returns, you can be their solution. Investors who create these buckets of money will set themselves up to win. It is also imperative that you have a good credit score and a good business history so you will be more attractive to the lending community. Do you need help with raising your credit score or locating OPM. Contact us to find out more! 

In Conclusion

There is a glimmer of hope in this more restrictive economic environment. Those who set things up correctly in the beginning will have an advantage over those who do not. It is important to always remain in control amongst all of this change. By setting your business up correctly, increasing leverage, doing research, and creating relationships, the sky’s the limit for your success. This is one of the most valuable times to get into real estate investing! Contact us to find out more.

At The Cash Flow Company we can help you find the funding you need and guide you through this market. 

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Investing in 2024: Why you need a HELOC

Investing in 2024 will look completely different compared to years past. Investors will need more liquidity due to the increasing lending squeeze from banks. What do I mean by liquidity? Liquidity is the money that is available to you to help fund deals. These funds are not from lenders, but are instead from you. Now is the time to fill your liquidity buckets to the brim. One of the best cash reserves is a HELOC. What is a HELOC and how can it help you save for a rainy day? Let’s take a closer look.

What is a HELOC?

A HELOC, also known as home equity line of credit, provides a revolving line of credit that can be used at any time. HELOCs are normally used for large expenses, paying off high interest rate debt, and any additional expenses that you may face. Investors are feeling the pressure of the lending squeeze from both banks and credit unions. They are both driving down their loan to value percentages and putting more pressure on investors. What started at 90% LTV a year ago, has now plummeted to 75% LTV, and in some cases even 70% LTV. Loan to values are shrinking fast, so now is the time to lock everything in before it drops even further! Make sure that you get HELOCS wherever you can! This can be on your primary residence, as well as on all of your investment properties. Remember, you don’t have to use the funds from the HELOCS immediately, the money is just reserved for a rainy day. While it may cost a few hundred to close your HELOC later on, it is a great resource to have when buying properties, making payments, doing construction, or any additional expenses that come your way. 

The Time is NOW!

The goal before the end of the year is to fill your liquidity buckets! By opening a HELOC you can fill your liquidity bucket to the brim in preparation for  2024. As investors, we are all going to need these extra funds for down payments, escrow, paying contractors, as well as any other expenses that come our way.  Lenders are going to require you to be more liquid, have more reserves, and put more money down. Investors who take the time at the end of this year to prepare, will have more opportunities and a huge advantage in 2024 over those who don’t act now. 

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If you have any questions on liquidity, finding HELOCs, or have any other questions, please reach out to us!

We would be happy to help guide you to become more successful in 2024. 



How a Bank Collapse Impacts Real Estate Investors

Without a doubt, banks are experiencing a significant decrease of money flowing into the lending pool. But, how does this impact investors? There are three main ways a bank collapse could impact real estate investors today. What are they? Let’s dive in and discover more!

Banks are Lending Less

Nowadays, banks are being forced to swim upstream in search of the “best of the best clients.” But what makes a perfect client? Well, it’s those who have more cash in the bank, more revenue, and higher credit scores.

Investors Book of Debt

To put it briefly, savings accounts and CD’s that were booked years ago at low percentages are experiencing a dramatic increase. What started at a monthly profit of 3% to 4%, has become a deficit of 5% to 5.25%. For this reason, investors are now upside-down on their assets.

Book of Business

Now, the notes that banks wrote 3 to 5 years ago, are now coming due. What started at 3%- 4% interest rates, has skyrocketed to 8%-10%. As you can see, lending is no longer in the forefront of banks’ minds in the traditional sense. 

How Investors are Managing the Lending Squeeze

So, what can real estate investors do? To start, they can prepare by making sure they have cash, high credit scores, and keeping up on projects. At this point and time, money and credit are going to be your keys to success. They are what will ensure you are in the game as rates continue to rise.  

Undoubtedly, there’s a bank collapse on the horizon. But as long as you’re aware of the situation and are willing to put in some work, you’ll be okay. Plus, we can guide you through a bank collapse by helping you improve your credit sores, increase your cash flow, and explore alternative lending options. Contact us today

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How Real Estate Investors Can Prepare for Bank Collapse

How can real estate investors prepare for the collapse of banks? What does that mean for them, and what does that mean for you as a real estate investor? We will coach you through this lending squeeze by not only looking at the challenges, but also highlighting lending alternatives that will help you stay afloat.

In the lending community, banks are experiencing a decrease of money flowing into the lending pool. Over 190 banks have been placed on the watch list because funds are leaving the bank at an accelerated pace. What does this mean for investors specifically?

There are three main ways this problem is impacting real estate investors today. Let’s dive in and discover more!

Changes to the Banks’ Lending Pool

1. Banks are Lending Less

Unfortunately, with the lending restrictions, banks are being forced to swim upstream in search of the “best of the best clients.” What makes up a perfect client? It’s those who have more cash in the bank, more revenue, and better credit scores. However, those specifications don’t always fit the majority of investors. 

2. Book of Debt

To put it briefly, savings accounts and CD’s that were booked years ago at low percentages are increasing dramatically. What started at a monthly profit of 3% to 4%, has become a deficit of 5% to 5.25%. This situation is forcing investors to sell bonds and get rid of old debt, so they are longer upside down on past assets.

3. Book of Business

Banks who wrote notes to businesses 3 to 5 years ago are now coming due. What started as 3%- 4% interest rates, has skyrocketed to 8%-10%. Unfortunately, because of this, many businesses can no longer qualify. What do banks do when notes become nonperforming? The government requires banks to put in more capital to help cover potential losses. Lending is not in the forefront of banks minds in the traditional sense. The primary option for investors is SBA loans, which are backed by the government, and therefore they do not have the same lending restrictions.  

Investors are Searching for New Lenders:

Why are they looking for new lenders? Investors are forced to explore uncharted waters to locate private lenders because banks are focused on the “best of the best.” This waterfall effect is forcing investors to cascade down to private lenders to keep their businesses afloat. With the influx of new clients, private lenders are also swimming upstream alongside banks, searching for borrowers with more experience, more money down, and more liquidity. Lenders who used to lend 75% ARV are now lending 75% LTV. This could result in investors spending 20%-30% more on each deal if you’re even able to qualify. 

Additional Aspect for Fix and Flip Properties

In regard to fix and flip properties, investors need to consider the current interest rates for homes. When rates go up, the ability for a buyer to buy a house goes down. In just two years’ time, a house for $295,000 in 2021 is now $500,000. The affordability of properties has stretched what investors can fit into their budget, and what they are able to qualify for depending on the DTI (debt to income). 

Managing the Lending Squeeze

How real estate investors prepare can will result in success when navigating these rough seas. The goal is to make sure you have cash, high credit scores, and that you are keeping up on projects.  Get into a deal now and hold it for 2-3 years to set yourself up for success.

Open your eyes to additional lending sources, such as “other people’s money” aka OPM, to fund part or even all of your projects. These are individuals within our community that can lend anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000. They are out there! It’s just a matter of knowing where to look and who to ask.

Money and credit are going to be your keys to making sure that you are in the game as the rates continue to increase. We can help guide you through the process of starting your business, increasing your credit scores, finding ways to improve your income, and helping with OPM options.

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We’ve raised millions of millions of dollars over the past 15 years by bringing in money from other investors who are just looking for a return. If you need coaching or help taking advantage of these opportunities give us a call!