What is a PadSplit?


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What is a PadSplit?

Today we are going to discuss the newest real estate investment concept, PadSplit! This is something that will be growing more and more popular in the near future due to affordability. By creating a PadSplit property, investors will be able to double and even triple their income off of a property.  What exactly is a PadSplit and how can it create greater cash flow?  Let’s take a closer look! 

What is a PadSplit?

A PadSplit is where you take a regular house that is a 3 bedroom/1 resident, and convert it to a property that has 6 to 8 bedrooms/6 to 8 residents. In doing so, individuals are renting the property by the bedroom as opposed to renting the whole house. To clarify, these bedrooms would be a suite and would have a private bathroom attached with only the kitchen being the shared space. Each bedroom can then be rented by the week, month, or year depending on individual needs. By creating a PadSplit property it creates an affordable property for investors because they are getting 2 to 3 times the rent that they would have before. Also, no need to worry about rooms not being rented. There are companies available that can help to ensure your property is full. 

For example:

Regular investment property: 4 Bedroom with 1 stream of income totalling $2,300 

PadSplit property: 6 Bedroom with 6 streams of income totaling $4,800

Affordability is key

Nowadays, more people are only able to afford $800 per month for housing. This includes young people, old people, singles, and others who are traveling for work. Families are typically the ones who want the full house, as opposed to those who are just searching for affordability. PadSplits are becoming a bigger part of the real estate community because there is such a need in the community to create affordable housing. By putting 6 to 8 units into a property, investors can then afford to buy properties where people want to live.

Is a PadSplit right for you?

We are here to help answer your questions regarding PadSplits and run through the numbers with you to see if it’s right for you. If you do it right and make your payments, you will have the opportunity to make a lot of money! Contact us today to find out more and get in before everyone else does! 

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