Most Small Business Owners Fail at THIS


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Most Small Business Owners Fail at THIS

Alex Erlich, a credit advisor and educator, is joining us today to discuss what most small business owners fail at! The main focus for today’s conversation is the importance of leveraging business credit vs personal credit. Credit and debt are not equal in any shape or form, but we have to play the game to win it. Knowing the rules of how to play will get you in the best position to win! Whether it’s the credit card game, credit game, or the leverage game, you need to create a leverage profile. Let’s take a closer look!

How to leverage business credit instead of personal credit?

So many people are putting business expenses on their personal credit. Unfortunately that is not as efficient as one might assume. 70-80% of clients are overextended on projects, and have maxed out their credit cards. Thus making it extremely difficult to be approved for additional loans moving forward without further impacting personal credit scores. In order to prevent this landslide, we need to approach business expenses more professionally and keep everything business focused. In doing so, it will prevent further strain on your personal credit, increase eligibility, and create more leverage. What exactly do we mean by leverage? Leverage is how much you are eligible for and what it looks like on paper. Leverage is the King in real estate. Having more leverage allows for more opportunities, not only your business, but for your personal life as well.  

How do we turn the focus from personal to business? 

First and foremost individuals need to acknowledge that they have a business. Surprisingly, many business owners don’t consider themselves to be entrepreneurs. From realtors, to contractors, and everyone in between, they typically consider themselves to be employees of the overwriting company. However, this mindset needs to change! They should not only view themselves as entrepreneurs, but also a representation of the brand. Another component that should be evaluated are items on your personal credit that need to be removed. This will in turn prevent you from personal liability as you continue to grow your business.

We are here to help you!

Here at The Cash Flow Company we want to set you up for success! Are you ready to start your own business but wondering where to start? Do you have personal credit cards that have business expenses on them? Contact us today to find out what you need to do in order to win in real estate investing! 

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