8 Easy Tricks to Improve Credit for Small Businesses


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8 Easy Tricks to Improve Credit for Small Businesses

Today we will be talking with Alex Erlich, a credit advisor and educator, about the 8 easy tricks that you can do to improve credit for small businesses. Those who know the rules and how to play the game will be in the best position to win! Let’s take a closer look! 

1. Do Not Open New Credit! 

Do not open new credit unless you have talked with a professional and they have created a step by step outline. Here at The Cash Flow Company we can help you apply for a 911 loan. This can be used to take care of items on your credit that are holding you back financially.

2. Fix Old Information.

It is important that you remove any derogatory information that is on your credit report. Now is the time to see what can be done about it and how to leverage it, especially if it’s a local bank. Something from three to five years ago that already has a zero balance, should be removed. Remember to be methodical and purposeful.

3. Fast Inquiry Removal.

Take into account all of your inquiries. If you have been shopping for money and applying for things, look into a fast inquiry removal. This can make a substantial positive impact on your credit score. If you are using your personal credit to inquire about your business, those should all be disputed as well. 

4. Build Local Relationships.

Relationships are key to a successful business. Investors need to determine which companies are having the hardest time or tightening their budget. These are the ones that will leave you behind so they can swim upstream. Oftentimes they are searching for bigger and better clients. By building local, human, real relationships, the more successful you will be.

5. Run All Transactions Through Business Account.

It is imperative that you run all of your transactions though a business account. In doing so, you will correctly paint the picture that people want to see. Whether we are talking about personal credit, business credit, leverage, banking, or relationships, we want to consider who is reading this book and what they are reading. Keep in mind that the reader’s personal experience is dictating what they are reading in the picture book that you create. 

6. Pay Cards Before Statement Cycle Closing Date.

Investors need to pay their credit cards before the statement cycle closing date. In doing so, it ensures that the utilization rate is as low as possible. This information can be found on MyFico, as well as by looking at the actual statement. 

7. Establish Business

The next step that you need to consider is whether or not you are established as a business. To clarify, a properly established business has a business license, business phone number, and an EIN. In setting up your business correctly from the beginning, it will provide more opportunities for you than you would have otherwise. 

8. Shop around

It is imperative that you shop around and find the lenders, as well as the products you need for your business. Keep in mind that there are always banks looking to expand and grow. These are the ones that will be helpful in growing your business as well.  

In conclusion.

It is important that you not only establish your business correctly from day one, but that you also work on forming positive relationships. By doing so, it will ensure that you set your business up to win. The faster you can separate your business vs personal credit, the better your personal credit score. In turn, it will also create more leverage for future growth. Give us a call! We can help guide you through this process! 

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