New Money Chat: How to Fund a Flip and other Deals


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New Money Chat: How to Fund a Flip

New Money Chat: How to Fund a Flip…and Other Real Estate Deals

During our next Money Chat, lending expert Mike Bonn will discuss How to Fund a Flip (and other real estate deals).

If you’ve always wanted to get into real estate investing, but you have no idea where to start when it comes to buying properties, then this Money Chat is perfect for you.

We invite you to join other like-minded real estate investors and ask all of your questions to a lending expert.

How to Fund a Flip

Are you interested in joining Mike’s Money Chat? Then register for FREE here.

During the chat, you can expect Mike to answer common questions like:

  • What are my funding options?
  • What is hard money?
  • How do I qualify? What credit score do I need? Income? Experience?

By the end of the Money Chat, you should have a much better grasp of how to get going in real estate investing.

Can’t make it? It’s okay, because we’re running a second Money Chat next Thursday. That way you have an opportunity to listen, learn, and ask all of your questions on how to fund a flip (and any other value-add property). And if you miss next week’s chats, no problem because Mike will be hosting many more in the future.

So, mark your calendar!


Tuesday, August 31 @ 6 PM MST


Thursday, September 2 @ 11 AM


Virtual nationwide.

Register for free at

Mike and the rest of the Hard Money Mike team looks forward to seeing you on Tuesday or Thursday (or both).

If you have any questions about our weekly Money Chats, then our team is here to answer them any time.

Happy investing!