How to Buy 5-10 Properties with Little to $0 Down


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How to Buy 5-10 Properties with Little to $0 Down

Today we are going to talk about how real estate investors can buy 5 to 10 properties with little to none down. While this may be difficult in some markets because of the price points, real estate investors are still finding good deals in smaller communities. Within these smaller communities and smaller markets, there is the opportunity to find properties at 50¢ to the dollar. How can you buy 5-10 properties with little to $0 down? Let’s dive in!

Great deals can create excellent opportunities.

Here at The Cash Flow Company we recently helped a couple in a small town in Oklahoma to purchase 8 properties. They have since rented out all 8 properties and refinanced 5 of them. As their lender, we not only liked the properties that they were purchasing, but more importantly what they were doing with them. This allowed us to finance more and even all of it in some cases. Once the couple rolled the property into a long term loan, they were able to pay off the loan with us. Now the couple is getting ready to purchase 5 more properties. This is just one of the many examples of how buying great deals can create excellent opportunities. 

 Every lender is different.

Every lender has their own requirements, so it is important to set things up correctly and do it right. In doing so, the lenders who like the numbers and the leverage will be able to finance 100% for both the purchase and the rehab. Once the property is rented, then it can be refinanced, lenders paid off, and the real estate investor has nothing in. It is important to be flexible on where you look as well. In the Denver market for example, it could take 3 to 5 years to find 5 properties. As far as lenders, the majority of lenders will require 10% to 20% of your own money. Start by  finding properties that are 70¢ to the dollar and below. This will create a better opportunity for funding. Take your time and do your research!

Buy now to take advantage of rate drops later.

Real estate investors who are able to purchase now and hold them for a few years will have a huge advantage. Predictions indicate that interest rates are going to decrease over the next few years. When they do, real estate investors will have the opportunity to refinance. This will allow them to take advantage of the lower rates and increase their cash flow. By purchasing undervalued properties right now and at least breaking even, then in a few years when rates go down you will be in a great position. Not only will you have a lot of equity, but you will also have cash flow for the property.

Example of how decreasing rates increase cash flow:

Property has a $400K mortgage with rates at 7%

The current monthly payment is around $3000

In a few years when rates go down to 5%

The current monthly payment will go down $500 to $1000 

This will increase the monthly cash flow for the investor. 

While the property might just break even right now, the rate decrease will provide cash flow in the future.

Example of exponential growth for the future.

Property that is $400K can be purchased for $350K right now

In a few years, it will be worth $450K to $500K

If you were to buy ten of those properties at $350K and put in $50K into each property. 

This would total $500K in rehab costs.

In a few years each property would be worth $450K or $500K. 

You can use this money as leverage.

 Buy now to create wealth later.

Those who are able to purchase properties now that are under market value will set themselves up for wealth later. If you are able to break even or tread water in this current market, then when the market takes off you have the opportunity to create cash flow or wealth. Now is the time to buy 5-10 properties with little to $0 down so that you can open the doors to endless possibilities over the next few years.

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