How to create wealth with a portfolio loan


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How to create wealth with a portfolio loan

Many real estate investors wonder how they can create wealth with a portfolio loan. Investors enter this community with the goal of creating generational wealth. This can be achieved by creating a portfolio of homes, as opposed to just acquiring just a few properties. What do you need to do financially in order to successfully create a portfolio? Let’s take a closer look at how you can create wealth with a portfolio loan! 

Changes in lending options. 

Investors who expand from a few properties to a portfolio of properties will need to open the door to other loan products. Those who invest in single family homes or have 1 to 2 units are using traditional loans, conforming loans, bank loans, or single DSCR loans. If you are transitioning to a portfolio loan it is important to take everything into consideration before diving in. 

Flexibility of a commercial loan.

A commercial loan can provide the flexibility you need to create generational wealth. One of the biggest benefits is that it provides the opportunity for you to use another person’s credit score as long as they are under your LLC. In doing so, a higher score can not only keep the transaction going, but it can open more doors. Another thing to keep in mind is that commercial loans are primarily based on the cash flow and the property value. This allows you to lock them in when rates are good so that you can use the slots to build up some additional properties on the side.

Create generational wealth.

By using a portfolio loan you are creating a bigger asset. More importantly commercial loans, unlike traditional loans, will not show up on your credit. Another thing to keep in mind is that banks often restrict your growth either by the number of properties or the loan amount. Those who are aggressive and use a portfolio loan have the flexibility they need to create the generational wealth that they want.

Is a portfolio loan right for you?

Real estate investors who have 20 properties or more need to start searching for other lending options in order to create the wealth they need to suceed. A portfolio loan is an excellent way to put all of your properties under one blanket loan. Is this the right loan for you? Contact us today to find out more about portfolio loans and other ways you can create generational wealth. 

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