How to Get Pre-Approved for a Real Estate Loan


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How to Get Pre-Approved for a Real Estate Loan

Over the past few days we have had clients lose out on properties that would have been really good flips. They lost deals because they did not secure their financing beforehand. While getting into this business requires a lot of planning, it is imperative that investors set up their money correctly from the very beginning. Get pre-approved for a real estate loan today and open the door to more opportunities!

Set up financing immediately!

Those who are new to real estate investing should focus on setting up the proper financing immediately! The last thing that you want to do is to put a property under contract and not close . This could burn the relationship that you created with the realtor or wholesaler. Instead of being at the top of their list for good properties, you will instead move to the bottom of the pile.  Here at The Cash Flow Company we want to give you the competitive advantage. Part of that is making sure that you do everything correctly. It is a business!

Don’t miss out on deals!

Whether you are new or just into a new adventure, it is important to set yourself up for success from the beginning. If you are going to get into the real estate game, make sure that you are not only looking for properties, but that you are also keeping the money flowing. What do we mean by keeping the money flowing? Maybe you need 100% financing, need a second, or you’re new to flips and need to know what to do. Talk to lenders as you find properties. In doing so, you can move forward quickly on deals. 

Choose the right lender for the deal.

One of the most important things that you need to do as a real estate investor is to create a good relationship with lenders. Those who have a good relationship with their lender will be able to consult with them prior to purchasing in order to see what financing options are available. One thing to keep in mind is that your lending needs will not only change over time, but they will change depending on the property. For example, financing on a fix and flip will be different from the financing on a rental property. It is important to look around and evaluate your lending options annually in order to find the best options for you. 

How do you get pre-approved?

Before seeking out a pre-approval, it is imperative that you know what type of property you are looking for. Are you going to focus on flips, rentals, 1 to 4 units, or multi units. Those who do can then make sure that the lender lines up with what they are trying to do. How can you find the right lenders? The answer is by talking to those in the real estate community. They can guide you to the lenders who are closing, those who work with new investors, and also tell you about requirements that the lenders might have. 

Ready, set, GO!

One of the biggest hurdles for real estate investors is finding the funding needed to purchase properties! By gathering pre-approvals first you will be ready for the next deal. While building strong relationships along the way.

Contact us today to find out more about what you need to do to get pre-approved.

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