Solve Your Credit Problems: Business Credit Cards for Real Estate Investors


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Here’s how business credit cards for real estate investors impact your credit.

You rack up business expenses on your personal credit card for your real estate investing business, and now… Your credit score is too low to get more loans to keep your real estate investing business going.

What’s the answer to this dilemma? Business credit cards for real estate investors.

Personal Credit vs Business Loans

A lower credit score makes it harder to obtain the loans you need in your personal life, such as:

  • Car loans
  • Home loans
  • Student loans
  • Credit cards
  • Boat loans

But your personal credit doesn’t only impact your personal loans. It also impacts the loans you get for your real estate business – which are based on your personal credit score. Whether or not you can get a loan, or how good the terms of the loan is, depend on your credit score.

You need credit cards to keep your real estate projects and business going. What you don’t need, however, is that credit usage driving down your personal score and costing you tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of extra interest over the years.

What Do Business Credit Cards Do For the Real Estate Investor?

Business credit cards can help solve this problem of usage.

Business credit cards for real estate investors remove your balances from your personal credit, fixing the problem created by the need to use the cards for your projects.

These cards don’t show up on your personal credit, so they don’t drive down your score or get counted against your debt ratios for new loans.

Your business expenses become business debt when put on a business card.

Getting a Business Credit Card as an Investor

Using a business credit card as an investor gives you the benefit of using a card, making accounting easier and not negatively impacting your personal score.

If your investing career is a business, you should be working to obtain a business credit card. Reach out to us to ask how to get started.

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