Mythbusting Business Credit Cards


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A lot of people are afraid to make the switch to business credit cards because they’re unfamiliar. These are the three most common concerns we hear from our clients who need to make the switch to business credit cards for real estate.

1. “It’s a huge switch from my current system and is going to take forever.” 


People hear terms like “corporate credit” or “business credit card” and think it’s going to be a massive change that they’re going to need to get done at Bradstreet.

That’s not the case at all!

Essentially, you’re going to look for the same credit cards you have now—ones with 0% APR, cash back, travel miles, or whatever you like. Look for a credit card with the perks you enjoy and open it in your business’ name. 

Sure, it’s technically a “business credit card,” but you shop around the exact same way as you would for a personal card. 

2. “Business credit cards still affect my personal credit scores.” 


Here’s the great news: so long as you’re paying it off on time, your business credit card will never report on your personal credit score.

*Unfortunately, if you have a few late payments, it will start reporting. Also, there are a few business credit cards that do report on your personal score. Always read the fine print so that you can avoid these cards and companies.

Therefore, if you pick a good card and are good about paying off your balances, this shouldn’t be a huge concern. So long as you pay on time, it will never report your balances or usage. This protects your personal credit score for real estate investors which is the whole goal of getting a business credit card.

If you need help figuring out which cards are best for your business, contact us!

3. “I need to have an actual business for a business credit card.”


Yes, it’s true, but don’t panic if you’re not set up for this yet! 

You do need a business, an LLC, and a business checking account. 

If you already have a business set up, obviously making the change will be super easy. However, if you need any help getting these items in order, let us know, and we’d be happy to help.

A poor credit score is a huge inhibitor for investors. It’s worth doing a little extra work on the front end to set up something that’s going to open doors for you and fix one of your biggest weaknesses.

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