Don’t Kickstart Your BRRRR With a DSCR Loan


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A DSCR loan is great, but they’ll come into play at a later part of the BRRRR process. 

Let’s start with a real scenario we encountered a few weeks ago. A client from Michigan called. He’s done flips before and even kept a few rentals, but he’s new to the BRRRR method. 

In the past, he’s always used partners or cash to fund his investing. However, this property needs more money.

He’s buying it for $200,000, putting approximately $22,000 of rehab into it, and we’ll estimate closing costs around $7,000. That’s a total of $229,000 for a pretty basic investment property. 

Where can this client find the money, and how can he leverage it to his advantage?

He wanted to know if he could take out a DSCR loan to kickstart the BRRRR process.

Can You Use a DSCR Loan to Begin the BRRRR Method?

The short answer is technically yes. However, since you don’t currently own the property, you can’t claim the equity in it just yet which makes it a not-so-great deal.

For our example client above, a DSCR loan will only cover up to 80% of the purchasing costs. This leaves 20% leftover — a large amount of cash that our client and a lot of newer investors simply don’t have.

Additionally, a DSCR loan won’t cover renovations or closing costs.

If you’re trying to exclusively use a DSCR for a BRRRR, you’re going to see the payments begin to add up really quickly.

It’s typically better to wait until later in the process to bring in the DSCRs.


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