Is DSCR One of the Best Loans for Real Estate Investors?


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A few reasons why DSCR loans are some of the best loans for real estate investors.

Not all loans are created equal when it comes to real estate investing.

A traditional loan doesn’t always cut it for a value-add property. But there’s no possible way hard money can work for a rental property for more than a few months.

So what are your long-term investor loan options?

This is where the DSCR loan comes in. Here are 3 quick reasons why DSCR loans work well for investors.

Less Paperwork

The investor’s dream: less paperwork. Applications and approvals are simple with DSCR loans. There are no income requirements, employment verification, or any other intensive qualifications.

Not only is it less hassle to skip some paperwork – it also means the entire loan process is much faster.

Short-Term Rentals

DSCR loans don’t just work for traditional rentals, but they work for all real estate investment properties. DSCR loans are flexible and work with a variety of rental options. This includes VRBO, Airbnb, or a traditional long-term property.

There are a few things to take into consideration with short-term rentals and DSCR. But it’s still a simple and often profitable loan for these types of properties.

Best Loans for Real Estate Investors Doing BRRRR

Many investors wonder – are DSCR loans good for BRRRR-style properties? The answer is yes.

DSCR loans are great for the long-term, refinance loan at the end of your BRRRR project. The combination of a quick and easy loan and a structure designed for rental properties makes DSCR and BRRRR the perfect pair.

DSCR – The Best Loans for Real Estate Investors

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