Personal Credit vs Business Credit: When and Where to Start


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Personal Credit vs Business Credit: When and Where to Start

Here at The Cash Flow Company we have seen so many people become overwhelmed and confused by credit! Alex Erlich, a credit advisor and educator, is joining us today to discuss personal credit vs business credit with a focus on when and where to start. Don’t let the numbers overwhelm you! We are here to help walk you through the process!  

The importance of planning ahead!

In order to be successful in real estate investing it is important that you plan ahead. There is a common expression stating that “you should always get things before you need them, because when you most need them you’re least likely to get them.” This is especially true in real estate investing. Investors who got lines of credit a few years ago will be at a greater advantage than those who are trying to get them now. Those who apply now will need to be in a better position with their personal credit in order to be approved for the same products. 

Separating personal and business credit.

By separating personal and business credit, it will prevent further strain on your personal credit, increase loan eligibility, and create more leverage. What exactly do we mean by leverage? Leverage is how much you are eligible for and what it looks like on paper. Leverage is the King in real estate. Having more leverage allows for more opportunities, not only your business, but for your personal life as well. 

The ideal Credit Score is the best place to obtain credit score information. This site not only provides an overall credit score, but it also separates scores into 40 different categories. It can be an information overload, however, by going straight to the source it provides you a cost free and spam free way to gather all of the information you need. So what is the ideal credit score that lenders are looking for? The ideal credit score range should be between 680 and 720. However, with the current economy, banks are increasing their minimum requirements to 720 and above. How do you get from 680 to 720? We can help you discover ways to improve your scores quickly to get you back in the game.

Don’t let your personal credit score impact your business success!

The faster you can separate your personal credit from your business credit, the better your personal credit score will be. We can guide you through the steps. From establishing your business, to finding the right business credit cards, and even providing a 911 loan, we have the tools to help you win.

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