#1 Trick that Successful Real Estate Investors Use


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#1 Trick that Successful Real Estate Investors Use

Today we are going to discuss the #1 trick successful investors use. Here at The Cash Flow Company, we see success from the money side because money is the key factor in real estate. The foundation of this business is leverage in order to build portfolios. What is the trick that can help you accelerate your success and take advantage of more opportunities? Let’s take a closer look!

Taking care of your leverage.

How can people take care of their leverage on certain properties or on their portfolio? Whether there are two properties or 10 properties, it is important to create leverage over someone else. This can be accomplished by picking one property and focusing on paying it down quickly. In doing so, it will free up the equity in that property, and will provide you more leverage. 

What is the benefit to paying one property off?

By paying down or off one property within your portfolio, you can then get a line of credit or a HELOC on the property. This provides the leverage you need to invest in other deals. We have seen a number of clients who are able to invest in new deals quickly because they had free cash flow. Just to clarify, we are not talking about these clients having money in their pocket. To say it another way, by either paying off a property completely or paying it down to a lower loan to value, you create more options for leverage. How can you take advantage of this additional leverage? One of the options is a HELOC. 

What is a HELOC and how can it help you?

A HELOC is a Home Equity Line of Credit. Investors can take out a HELOC on the paid off property in order to take advantage of great deals quickly and easily. These deals can come up in actions or on properties where someone needs to sell a property quickly. In many cases, you can get HELOCS at 70% to 75%, as long as the LTV is lower. Whether it’s $50K or $100K HELOC, you will have the money set aside for future investments that just make great sense. Just to clarify, you do not pay for the money from the HELOC unless you use it. These funds are just set aside in case you need them. The really good people who grow their wealth will be able to sit back and grab these deals quickly because they have the money to do so.

Let’s look at the numbers!

5 properties

Each  Total for 5 properties
Property Value  $200K $1,000,000
LTV (loan to value) 75% $150K $750K
Equity  $50K $250K

In the world of leverage, an LTV of 75% does not free up any equity. This is due to the fact that investors are paying down each property equally as opposed to paying a little more towards a single property. For example, if there was a deal available for $150K, you would not have enough equity available to purchase the property. Just to clarify, lenders will not lend over 75% on an investment property. How can you set yourself up for success and use the equity in your properties? The answer is by focusing on paying one property down faster. In doing so, you will in turn free up the equity and create more leverage. Remember, those who will accelerate in this business are those who create financial flexibility. 

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