Requirements for DSCR Loans in 2023


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How has the changing landscape of real estate in 2023 affected requirements for DSCR loans? What are lenders looking at and how can you find the right deal for you?

The Power of Shopping Around

While this isn’t new, shopping around is very important in 2023. With a growing number of lenders loosening their requirements, finding a lender that specializes in projects like yours can make a big difference. 

If your project is unique or you’re dissatisfied with the rate you’re offered, reach out to mortgage lenders or brokers who have the power to offer something different. 

Requirements for 2023

Products change constantly, so it’s always a good idea to talk to professionals in your area, particularly when it comes to how DSCR lenders look at funding, financing limits, and credit:

Gift Funding Flexibility:

Lenders are trending towards having looser rules around gift money. Previously, it was better to have seasoned money in your account. Now, so long as the money is there for closing and it comes from your account, you’re usually set. That said, if you have any questions about gift funding, talk to your particular lender.

Property Ownership Limits:

A few lenders are also lifting their limits on how many properties you can finance. Previously, the majority of companies limited investors to 5-10 properties. Now, it’s fairly easy to find lenders without those restrictions.

Credit Influence:

Although DSCR loans don’t look at your income, they still look at credit. The better the credit score, the better the loan to value ratio. Also, the higher the DSCR calculation (rent ÷ income), the better the terms.

Standard Interest Only Options:

As always, there are interest only options. Depending on your project and the current market, these aren’t always the most helpful, but they are available. 


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