What Rates Should Investors Expect in 2024?


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What Rates Should Investors Expect in 2024?

Now is the time to look at what rates investors should expect in 2024! I have been in finance a little over 35 years, and working with real estate investors for 24 years. While experience isn’t exactly a crystal ball, it does help guide investment decisions and identify market trends. We saw real estate predictions come to live in October of 2023 when rates did improve. As we begin to prepare for 2024, it is important that we follow the trends from Fannie Mae, NAR, and the Mortgage Brokers Association. Let’s take a closer look at the trends and what they mean to real estate investors.

What are some things to look for in 2024?

First and foremost we are going to see a more stable market. Let’s start by taking a look at Fannie Mae and focusing on the conventional rates specifically. Conventional includes people who are buying properties, flippers, and those who are refinancing a rental property. Fannie Mae predicts that rates will be between 7% and 7.6%. NAR on the other hand is more optimistic and anticipating rates to fall between 6% and 7%. We have already seen a shift and are hopeful that the rates will continue to follow this pattern! 

What about the Fed?

Nowadays the Fed is saying that they think inflation is under control, and in turn they are going to stop raising rates. However, this doesn’t always mean that it reflects 1:1 in the real estate world. In an investor’s world, there are all kinds of loans, which are all affected by different economic conditions. Rates will be better, but they will be volatile. This means that there will be months when rates are up, and months when rates are down. It is dependent on economic information, wars around the world, and the possible impact of 2024 being an election year.

Will rates ever go back down to 5%

In looking back at rates in 2023, we did see them pop up over 8%. However, real estate investors are optimistic that rates will go back down to 5% in the New Year. Many are asking when can we expect the rates to decrease? The decrease will continue to be seen in the conventional rates, which are tied to the 10 year treasury. What is the 10 year treasury? It is a bond issued by the United State Government that guarantees repayment of the money plus interest in 10 years. Even though the Fed dropped their rates and then raised them, the 2024 interest rate prediction is that rates will drop again in May. While they may not go down to 1:1, investors will see a significant decrease. 

In conclusion.

2024 expected rates indicate that real estate investors will see a decrease in the upcoming year. This will create more affordability and financing for buyers, as well as an opportunity for investors to sell some of their inventory. As rates go down, it will create wealth, income, and more opportunities. While we don’t have a crystal ball to predict the future, we can utilize trends and  experiences to guide us towards success. 

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