Your Fix-and-flip Loans When the Fed Tightens Money


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What changes to expect on LTVs for fix-and-flip loans when the Fed tightens money.

There are a couple ways raised federal interest rates impact fix-and-flips.

In about six to twelve months, the market is expected to have another shift. Prices should come down, and better properties will become available.

However, your fix-and-flip loans when the Fed tightens money also get tougher to work with. To be ready for those upcoming opportunities, here’s what you need to know about loans for fix-and-flips now.

Fix-and-Flip Loans with Tightened Money

What does it mean for real estate investors when the Fed starts tightening money? Lenders start to pull back.

Lenders want to wait to figure out what will happen with the markets. Their money isn’t returned as fast as usual because investors’ properties take longer to sell. Less money becomes available overall.

This tightening of money results in many recent changes we’ve seen in loans for fix-and-flips.

Changes in LTVs

The loan-to-cost or loan-to-ARV on properties has lowered, and appraisals are being cut. The average LTV used to be 75%. Now, most lenders have pulled back to 65-70%.

Lower LTVs mean you need to bring more money into a deal. It’ll take more out-of-pocket to actually close on a property in the current market.

With low LTVs and lenders being picky with transactions, it’s important to only take fix-and-flips you can obviously turn a profit on.

Home Value Changes

While loan-to-values are going down, credit score requirements are going up. Typically, lenders’ credit score minimums start at 620 or 640. Now, many lenders won’t take anyone with lower than a 680 or 700 score. Six months from now, that could become even tighter.

If you’ve been investing for a while, you’ll need to change how you look at leverage. For the past ten years, lenders have been seeking you. Now, you’ll have to proactively find your money. It’s more important than ever to plan your funding.

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