How to Use a 0% Business Credit Card in Real Estate Investing


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Loans won’t cover your real estate project and you don’t have cash? Here’s how to use a 0% business credit card.

At The Cash Flow Company, we’ve used business credit cards for our investments for over 12 years.

The people here have used them, we’ve helped other people use them, and we understand first-hand that this is a great tool for investors.

Why are they so great?

Why We Recommend 0% Business Credit Cards for Real Estate

Typically, the more money you have to put into a transaction, the better the terms you’re going to get on a loan. When you show that you have other lines of credit (or cash) available, lenders can open up doors that are otherwise closed for you.

When it comes to lines of credit – why pay 20%+ interest rates when there are 0-3% card options available to you?

The Right Way to Use a 0% Business Credit Card

In real estate investing, you always need money. You have a money bucket that constantly needs refilled. This is just one way to fill it.

Using unsecured lines of credit is perfect for the right investor – someone who can treat the credit like a business.

You have to stay on top of unsecured credit. If you put expenses on your cards, then you have to pay it off when the property sells. 

Using a 0% business credit card to fund your personal life leads to nothing but trouble. Misusing unsecured credit in this way is what gives it a bad name.

Investors who use this method get new credit cards every year with new 0% offers. Many investors use them as a stepping stone for the first year or two of their career. Leaning on credit cards early on eventually gets you the funds to move onto more secured or dependable financing sources later.

How Do You Get 0% Credit Cards?

Curious about how to use 0% credit cards for your real estate investing business? Here are some options with the folks at Fund & Grow that could be right for you.

If you want to put business credit in your name and get up to $250,000, we have a service just for you. Reach out at for more information.

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