5 Reasons Why BRRRR Is So Important


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If you invest in real estate, you’ve likely heard of the popular term, BRRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat).

But why is the “BRRRR” method important? Here are 5 reasons to consider:

  1. Buy properties faster AND with less cash: Take the express lane to refinancing and build your portfolio as fast as you can find, rehab, and rent properties.
  2. Monthly cash flow now vs. later: Why take twice the time to build your portfolio the old fashion way (buying retail)? Buy and make money NOW! The faster you buy, the faster you reach your goals and boost your cash flow.
  3. Preserve your cash: If you find the right wholesale property, you might not need to put any money into the purchase (as long as you set up your short-term loan correctly).
  4. Build equity faster: Capture equity by buying wholesale and using the full appraised value to refinance into a long-term loan. All of that equity acts as your down payment, conserves cash, and builds tons of free equity.
  5. Protection from downturns in the market: Those who pay retail go upside down on their rentals when a market correction occurs. When you purchase properties at a discount, you enjoy built-in equity that comes free with the property. So, you have a cushion to keep your property above water.

It’s Rental Mania out there! Take advantage of it and start multiplying your equity and cash flow today. We can help with our Quick to Buy, Quick to Refi Program. Contact us to learn more!

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