DSCR Loan Calculator: Understanding Monthly Payments


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Looking at a DSCR loan calculator and wondering what numbers you need to plug in to make everything come out even? 

If you’re new to the DSCR game, you’ve likely heard people talking about the DSCR ratio and how that number helps you set rents. But how do you actually calculate all of that? 

There are quite a few numbers that go into calculating a DSCR ratio (which is then often used to calculate rents).

What is a DSCR Ratio?

A DSCR ratio is simply the break even point. 

Essentially, you start by adding up all of your monthly expenses (mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, HOA fees, etc.). If you compare that number to the amount you’re charging for rents and those numbers are the same (you’re putting out and bringing in the same $$ amount), then you have a DSCR ratio of 1.

You never want a DSCR below 1 (spending more than you’re bringing in). However, a ratio of 1 simply means that you’re breaking even. In other words, you’re not actually making money unless you can raise the ratio (and raise rents) in order to bring in more money than you’re spending.

Lenders like to see positive cash flow, so it’s typically good to aim for a DSCR ratio of 1.25. That means you’ll make 25% more than you’re spending. 

How To Calculate Monthly Loan Payments

One of the most significant outflows of cash is the loan payment. In addition to fixed costs (think taxes, insurance, etc.), these payments are a significant factor of a DSCR plan. Once we know how much money is going out every month, we can figure out how much we need coming in.

The property in our example cost $250K and the investor paid a 20% down payment. 

  • Purchase Price = $250,000
  • Down Payment = 20%
  • 30-Year Fixed-Rate (8.5%) DSCR Loan = $200,000

The easiest way to calculate your monthly payments is to use a calculator designed for these numbers. We recommend using a site like calculator.net and selecting their amortization calculator

You can plug in the numbers, and it will do the work for you.

Once you plug in the numbers and hit calculate, you’ll see that your monthly loan payments are just under $1,538.

Updated Monthly Costs:

  • Fixed Costs Approximate Estimate = $450
  • Approximate Loan Payments = $1,538
  • Total = $1,988

Now that you know all of the money you’re paying each month, you know that to hit a DSCR ratio of 1, you’ll need to have rents of at least $1,988 in order to break even.

When working with your DSCR loan calculator, the monthly payments are a critical component to set you up for success.


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